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  1. hey thanks alot guys, the only reason i use both zoderm and diffirin is that my derm said too, and dan, does diffirin contain 2.5% BP? maybe i will just do zoderm once a day if it is 4.5 and nothing else does that sound ok? well anyway thanks alot and if anyone knows anything else about inital break outs i would really appreciate the help
  2. i think this was posted before but im not sure, has anyone else experienced an initial breakout at the start of the regimen?, so far it feels like my skin has got worse since i started using BP, i wash gently with cetaphil then gently apply zoderm in the morning which has 4.5 BP then use cetaphil moisturizer, at night i wash again with cetaphil and apply differin then cetaphil moisturizer again. Is there a chance that these products are not right for me because during the day my acne looks real
  3. thank you all soo much for the replies, does blotting off the oily texture reduce the effect of the moisturizer? and is this nivea lotion a type of moisturizer that is good to use with the regimen? i really hope this product doesn't make my face soo oily looking like cetaphil does, thanks alot for any help
  4. thanks sooo much for the replies, where can i get these oil blotting papers and what are mattifiers?
  5. also moisturizer with UV filters
  6. yeah i really hope someone knows a good moisturizer that doesn't cause the oily/shiney look
  7. i use zoderm once a day in the morning and it has 4.5% BP in it, then differin at night which i believe has no BP, is this alright, i asked before and people said it si but im just checking. also does using BP make red marks fade away and can it even heal scars? last can u use BP on your face while simultaneously using pore strips? thanks alot for any help
  8. when i use my moisturizer (cetaphil) my skin looks really oily for hours afterwards the shine could blind someone haha its so bad that i cant go out during the day, and if i dont use moisturizer my skin gets to dry, i dont use that much as it is but i want to continue the regimen and do social activities, do u guys no any moisturizer that doesn't produce such an oily look afterwards, thanks alot for any help
  9. i use differin at night and zoderm in the morning, am i using sufficent products for the regimen? i red the contants of the differin and it does not say it contains BP, i wash with cetaphil and i am eperiencing similar reactions as above, my skin seemed to get worse at first but i think its getting better now
  10. thanks alot guys but some sunlight with bp wont be bad?
  11. is it bad to get alot of sun light while you are on the regimen or in general is it bad for your skin?, like getting a tan, im pretty fair skinned, thank you all for any help
  12. thanks everyone, also, how do i tell what kind of hair i have like i see the different shampoo products for different hair types does that matter much and what about conditoner what are some good shampoos and conditioners?, thanks again!
  13. how many times a day should i shower right now i shower twice a day but ive heard different opinions, what do u all think, also (kinda unrelated) how much should i wash my hair with shampoo and conditioner for best results i have kind of short hair but not like a buzz cut thank you all sooooo much
  14. thanks for the help so it is normal to have an initial breakout on differin? and also are these good products thanks again
  15. i dunno ifu will be able to help me
  16. i have been doing the regimen or kinda the regimen - differin everynight before bed and zoderm every morning - for about 3 weeks now and my skin seems to be getting worse can anyone help, i do it exactly
  17. i will also be continueing the regimen during the camp
  18. next week i will be going to a wrestling camp for 2 weeks and it is required that i work out 3 or 4 times a day. so i also have to shower after each time i work out, but i have heard its bad to shower more then twice a day, do u think i should just wash off with no soap? i dont want to get fungus from fats or anything and wrestling makes my acne worse, please help with advice to get through this.. thanks
  19. i know that zoderm has BP in it, but does differin? my dermatologist said to use differin at night and zoderm in the morning, what are your guys experience with differin?
  20. when i use the moistuerizer it makes my skin oily to the touch and look oily, so i have to go the whole day looking like this?
  21. thank you soo much to anyone who could help
  22. hey everyone , i just started the regimen and i was wondering about the step of applying mosturizer? how important is it? i feel as it it makes my skin more oily? I apply the BP wait abou 10 mins and then apply moisturizer, am i suppose to wash after i apply the moisturizer?