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  1. I have been using there volumizing shampoo for over 2 years. and I LOVE IT.. I have been using the brown glosser for almost 2 years and I LOVE IT also.. I probaly use it 4 times a week.. I love the way my hair looks after I use it .. I change my shade of brown all the time through the year and I still love the way the glosser makes my hair look. I also use there Frizz hairspray too and there satin shine finish creme.. I switch up my shampoo though and use bedhead products sometimes..
  2. I'm in that situation actually... I have enough credit to get a dermabrasion or something similar, but I mean I'm in school, I work full time and I barely (but always) pay my bills on time.. Me and my boyfriend are getting a brand new condo and I do want a new car in a year from now when I get my other paid off... My boyfriend thinks I look fine... But its different when you are the person with acne scars.. Its a struggle everyday and since its been 2-3 years since I got them I have been able to
  3. It dosent really do THAT much.. But if you have some discoloration it can help, and also in certain lighting it can do a good job at hiding some scars. I use a moisturizer then I put on Everday Minerals (works better than bare minerals and its cheaper ) buy the sample kit you just have to pay for shipping.. and test it out.. i think shipping is like 3-4 bucks and the samples are a good amount... guess the only other thing you will need is a brush.. it couldnt hurt to try.. if you ARE going to
  4. lmao.. its sad when everywhere you go your thinking about the lighting.. and I do it EVERYWHERE I GO. SERIOSULY... its obsessive as hell.. I wish I didn't have to think about what my skin is looking like all the time.. but I do
  5. I have been wearing bareminerals for about 2 years and I have been pretty happy with it. ..Barely ever can you tell I'm wearing makeup, I always check natural light etc etc.. My issue is I can never put moisturizer on my face before I put bareminerals on.. My skin will look acceptable in bathroom lighting (still looks shiny though) but in natural light my skin looks way to shiny and you can tell im wearing makeup and it just looks awful.. its like the makeup dosent blend it just sits on the mo
  6. I definately can relate! REALLY REALLY CAN.. im only 20 and I feel my scars are moderate.. no HORRIBLE but pretty bad... When I first met my boyfriend I had perfect skin so all this happend while I was with him.. He stayed with me after I got all these scars from acne, which made me feel great.. But I still felt like if he was to ever break up with me I would never be able to find somene again.. Well after a 3 year relationship and after he decided to end it.. I ended up finding a awesome guy th
  7. I just use the foundation.. (and i'm happy with it, just looking for something for my dark circles) Is there concealer good aswell.. When I looked at it online it looks the same as the foundation.. Sorry Im a guy I dont really know that much about makeup stuff. lol
  8. I use Bare Minerals Medium Beige everyday and I tan about once every week or once every two weeks.. Bare Minerals dosent really do anything for my dark circels and the small amount of tanning I do helps a bit.. (I dont want to tan anymore than I am) so I'm looking for a good under eye concealer.. As long as its under $30 I'm good.. I was looking through Sephora and found some cool products, but to be honest there is soo many.. I have no idea what to get..
  9. And if you're a gay man with scars, you're screwed. I'm a gay guy.. My scars arent extremley bad, but there bad.. I get hit on alot still.. noone seems to say anything about them to me though.. a few people seemed liked they were looking at them, but they were still hitting on me aswell... I DEFINATELY know what your saying though... gay guys (in general) are waaay to fucking superficial
  10. I have been using Jergens natural glow face, and the body lotion for about three months now... its been great..... It always looks perfect on my face, the only problem I'm having is the rougher skin on neck? (not that my skin on my neck is rough, but you know what I mean) sometimes it seems the color isnt even on it.
  11. I don't have any advice, but you look like a normal 45 year old guy.. Your skin to me looks about the same as any guy your age would.. Eh maybe thats just me