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  1. I'm in the long process of trying this on myself. If you do a search on tca cross or just "cross" on this forum you'll see many postings on the subject. I think so far I have seen a little progress in a scar I crossed a few times, but the difference is subtle. At first it looked wider but now a few weeks later it is not as wide and is the same width as it was before I crossed it but shallower. In a few weeks I'll cross it again and report the results. I have started a posting on it about a
  2. My crossed icepick scar is wider, and the redness is gone. The widening looks like just the softening of edges. I'm probably going to do another tca cross in a couple months.
  3. Two questions: Has anyone needled an icepick scar after doing TCA cross on it? I don't mean directly after; I mean after the crossed scar has healed for a few months. If so, what were your results? If the icepick scar that has been widened after TCA cross is wide enough so that the toothpick doesn't touch the sides of the scar, does that mean the subsequent TCA crosses won't make it even wider? Some people have written that the touching the sides of the icepick scar is what widens it. Othe
  4. My theory is that tca cross widens icepick scars which are usually narrow, but it does not widen boxcar and rolling scars. Anyone else want to comment on this?
  5. In the past I've tried Biore porestrips on my nose, and a ton of stuff came out. But afterwards the clean pores on my nose looked huge. Has anyone used this product found that over a long period of time, it shrank the size or appearance of their nose pores?
  6. L Karamya, Were your treated scars icepicks? Perhaps only some types of scars widen.
  7. I've done 2-3 TCA Crosses on the same icepick scar over span of a several months, and the treated scar is wider and shallower. So I don't know if I should continue crossing it. What did others with the same experience do? Will it continue to get wider with more crosses or will it stop and just get shallower? Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you.
  8. I'm as happy or a little happier than most people I know. Of course, I'd be happier without acne scars, but after a couple decades of getting used to it, they don't bother me as much as they used to. When I look around, most people have at least one physical trait that they dislike about themselves. Last week, just by chance, and I saw this man with very deformed face as if he was in a terrible accident. Then a few minutes later I saw a man who was less than four feet tall. Then at a fast
  9. I can relate to the previously-described situations though over time I've become more comfortable with my imperfect skin because I realize that a lot of guys still find me attractive (I'm a woman). I once dated a guy with severe acne scarring, which didn't bother me. I still found him physically attractive. Of course I think that scarring does detract a little from a person's looks, but I've found that it's not a big deal for a lot of people. He also dated a lot of women because he was confid
  10. Today I did another tca cross with 50% on the same icepick scar that I've done thrice before (I think). I've bought TCA from three internet sellers, and the only one that seems to work is the one from Loganwood Skin Care. I can tell because it frosts the most and the quickest. The edges of the scar are softer, changing the shape of the scar. It's a little shallower, but it may be a little wider . I know, I know, I wish I had a camera too, but I can't afford one now. The Differin cream I've
  11. I think your depression about acne scars will end when you have an even bigger problem such as if you found out you had cancer or something like that. Then after you finish crying you'll realize what a big fool you were to obsess about acne scars. Then you'll long for the days when the biggest problem you had were just acne scars. I'm not trying to be a smart ass. That's just the truth of life. As you get older and real problems start, you'll be less concerned about acne scars.
  12. To answer your question, I don't know what TCA is derived from. About five days ago I tried needling a rolling scar that is about the size of the a pencil eraser. I needled it mercilessly (lots of blood dripping). It's still swollen so that it looks level with the surrounding skin, and it looks brownish purple like a bruise. I'll report on it on a few weeks. Today I purchased Acne Scar Eraser from the drugstore. In a month or two, I'll report on that as well.
  13. I don't know about using it for acne. I would suggest seeing a dermatologist for acne.
  14. It may be more effective if you buy an aloe vera plant and use the juice directly from the plant instead of from a gel.