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  1. this peel sucks, it didn't do anything! and in canada..it was $25!! i sure wish i could get that money back!
  2. Omg thats insane..thats how i feel, like seriously my migraines are so bad and so weird, like they dont go away no matter what meds i take..anyways im gonna see the doc and im sure ill need some sorts of scans done...how was the cat scan? i dont want one! damn that diane
  3. hey all...ive noticed in the past 6 months that i was on diane 35 and tetracycline that i have been experiencing reeeallly bad migraines...that take forever to go away and just seem to come back, i stopped taking both pills (not long ago) and am waiting to clear my system of them to see if the headaches go away....i dont want to be terrified that i have brain tumors or something so i just want to know if anyone experienced super bad headaches while on either of the pills? thanks!
  4. Hey there...I was on diane 35 for like 5 or 6 months, I was also on tetracycline at the same time, and definetley had an initial breakout..thing is i dont know which pill it was from, but dont worry im sure its normal to have one because your body and skin is just getting used to it and might be going a little bonkers...dont get discouraged...i am totally clear now and i think alot of it was from the diane 35 becase i stopped the tetra before the diane and continued to have good skin....i now ju
  5. Ive been reading about using natural remedies for red marks and came across using lemons to do it. I don't really know how to use them though or if i need to mix it with anything so if anyone knows anything about it any info would be greatly appreciated!! ps...on some website a girl said she put lemon juice in her hair, but it got on her forehead and now she has a big white spot like michael jackson..kind of freaked me out...highly unlikely though to happen if you use it in small quantities ri
  6. Ive read about this mask also in a beauty book, saying how it lightens skin, I would like to try it. Can you tell us how you use it? how long you leave it on? what brand do you use? im thinkin of goin and pickin up some yogurt today!
  7. garnier pureA night gel worked so good for me...really helped with the bumps...did nothing for red marks though like it claimed..but definetley smoothed my skin out
  8. My best friend went on Diane 35 just because of acne. She actually ordered it online without a doctor's prescription. She got off of it though. She complained it was making her feel really weird, having chest pains and all. It did help her skin out a lot, and helped with the oil reduction by some. However, once she got off of it, her skin broke out *a lot* because her hormonal change. Some people are lucky enough to be able to be on bc forever and have that help with skin. im on dian
  9. I have been using this for about a week..and I cant say it has really helped my red marks..but it has definatley helped my acne. Brought down the inflammation alot..I actually like this product now!
  10. Well i have a doctors appointment on the 5th anyway so I think I will bring it up to her and hopefully it will be nothing. Im pretty sure it would have to be pretty painful and having other signs than pain so I am hopeing i am just over reacting, which I probably am because I tend to do that, I hope there is no painful procedures Ill have to go through to make sure its not a clot...see, im always worrying about something! I just found this little piece of info and I feel a bit better, just thou
  11. I want to switch antibiotics so I just have one question: Which is better, Minocycline or Tetracycline? Im on tetra and not getting very good results.
  12. Ive been on Diane 35 for two months with no problems. and yesterday i started to get a mild pain in one area of my calf. it wasnt severe or so bad that i thought i needed to go to the ER...and the rest of my leg was sore too..kind of like those leg cramps you get after a workout...but anyways, I think Im just going to stop taking my pill all together because Im scared now that i have a blood clot...but wouldnt the pain be bad and just keep getting worse? because today its sort of the same..and m
  13. I used the gel last night for the first time...not too pleased. It burned like hell when I put it on, and felt really tight, when i woke up this morning my face was an angry red and i couldnt even stand to look in the mirror for one second. I think im just going to wash my face and use my sunscreen and thats it...because thats not irritating and everything else is. Life would be so much easier if when a pimple went away, it didnt leave you a nasty one year reminder! Sorry..had to vent for a seco
  14. well i went out and bought the "Garnier PureA Night" one..its like a gel, im going to try and stay positive about it, i hope it works! its such a small tube tho, it sucks!
  15. Yeah same with me..2 months..still breaking out, I want something else. Thinking about asking for minocycline. Good or bad idea??