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  1. Well the one i have is called natrol omega-3 complex and on the back it doesnt say it has vitamin a but im still kinda worried it does. Can someone check this brand through google and tell me if i does or not
  2. just wanted to know if omega 3 complex contains vitamin a because some sites say fish oil has it and some say it doesnt. Im not on accutane currently but have accutane hair loss and i know its because of vitamin a toxicity. The supplement im taking has omega 3 fish oil, flax seed oil, and borage oil. Please someone help me i dont want to make a mistake and take more vitamin a!!
  3. Just wondering i went to my derm last week and showed him the coupon for aczone and wanted to get a free trial or prescription he said he never heard of it and said no for prescription i was pissed cuz he ended up prescribing me the same thing i been using for years. anyway is is possible to just call up different derms and see if i can just get a free trial of the cream with out appointment since i dont have insurance and dont want to make a appointment. Also is it worth it for the people who a
  4. i have a big problem that just doesnt seem normal. I took a course of tane and after i went off i i lost alot of hair especially my hairline. THe weird thing is everytime i went out and drank the next day i would drastically have thinner hair everywhere and may hairline would go back even more. It sucks because i love drinking but i cant anymore because it making me go bald! Its amazing it was my bday yesterday so i drank alot and then next morning my hair was so thin. But what worried me more i
  5. hi i used 20mg of accutane for 2 months and 2 months of 10g of accutane. I had to stop because my hair got really thin this month and my hair line receded dramatically. i took a course a year and a half ago 80mg for 4months and also lost alot of hair. I didnt clear up fully but my face is alot better. I need some help post tane so my acne is controlled from now on. I am thinking of taking clindamycin lotion 1% once a day and want to try green cream level 3. So i want to take one and day and then
  6. well its been more than one year since i got off accutane and my hair thickness never came back and surprisingly it keeps getting worse. My hair line is my main problem i dont care about the other parts. Maybe my sides are kind of thin to but i can deal with it. There is one weird thing ever time i get drunk and drink alcohol my hair gets thinner the next day and my hairline gets worse. I drank for like 4 straight days and saw a major difference in my hair. What does this mean that something is
  7. hey ive been taking mino for like 3 months now and its been up and down my face is nowhere near perfect but atleast i look normal. Well today i decided to get a facial done and microdermbrasion and smoothbeam. And while the lady was doing my facial and squeezing out my skin she told me to get off the antibiotic because she wants to get everything out of my face and she said the antibiotic wont let her. Im kinda scared to go off because of the breakout but she said she wants me to break out so sh
  8. i was only on my second course for maybe one week and stopped. I never went to a doctor to check it out. I thought i would give it time and it would get better. But know since my hairline has receding alot it bothers me. I dont really shed and never did just my hair got really thin on top and my hairline. I just realized that i drank alot of alcohol 2 days ago and now my hair looks even worse and thin. anyone here take biotin and why is it that it makes me break out every time i take it. Im also
  9. ive been off accutane a little over a year and my hair keeps getting worse and worse. I took 80mg for 4 months. To be honest i dont really care to much about my hair being thinner but my hairline is the problem its keeps receding and getting worse and looking bad. I gel my hair and try to make my hair look normal but its hard. My hair used to be straight but now its sticks up and is curly and fine. I cant believe that 1 year later and it keeps getting worse. I used to have super thick hair. Like
  10. Hey i am sick of taking antibiotics and creams and want to try smoothbeam laser does anyone know if i works for mild pimples and oily skin? I have takin acctane last year and had great results and wish i can go on it again but i hair receded and now its really thin because of accuane which sux so i will never take it again. But i dont regret it because it helped my acne alot.
  11. would combining cleocinlotin and and the sulfer lotion be ok. Like one day use the sulfur lotion and then next day use cleocin lotion and switch like that.
  12. i just got prescribed this yesterday and doxy. I was previously on cleocin lotion and mino. I thought this was going to be just like cleocin and not irritate my face or make it red. Well i put it on yesterday and after 30 minutes my skin was so tight. THen i applied a lot of moisturizer. I woke up today and my forhead was so red it was awful. I skipped work today because it looked so bad. Why did this happen did i apply to much. Now im scared to put it back on because i dont want a red face. my
  13. people say dont wash your hair everyday but i have to because i gel my hair and need to wash it everyday.
  14. well i was already on accutane before for 4 months on 80 mg and once i got off of accutane my hair got very very thin and brittle. I now am faced with either going back on accutane and taking a risk of messing my hair up more. The only thing that has ever worked for me was accutane and it cleared me up beautifully until i got off of it a few months later my acne and oily skin came back. My derm wants to put me on a low dose 20mg a day. Im 6'2 185 pounds. Will this help me or will my acne come ri
  15. will i break out badly once i stop mino and switch to accutane. im going to take 20mg a day of accutane
  16. im on minocycline and it isnt doing anything for me and my acne is getting worse and worse. Wanted to know if my derm gives me a prescrption do i have to wait to take the accutane. I want to keep taking the mino until i get the accutane so i dont break out really badly. Is it ok to take accutane and then quit mino or do u have to be off minocycline for a period of time. Also what can i use to prevent hair thinning while on accutane. Should i use a b complex vitamin or special shampoo
  17. hey i started mino a month ago and so far havent seen great results still breaking out. how long do u have to be on it to get hyperpigmentation. I wanted to go on doxy but for some reason my derm put me on mino and im scared of getting hyperpigmentaton. i heard taking vitamin c helps is this true
  18. hey well my story is i went on accutane had great results minor acne came back went on topicals then my derm prescribed me minocycline which i didint want i specifically asked for doxy because i was already on mino before accutane for like 3 years straight and only worked for the first year and became immune to it. So now i am taking mino for about 2 weeks and though i saw improvement but i am breaking out with alot of od pimples that are making me mad. not white heads just bumps. Is this becaus
  19. ive been using minocycline for a week and want to know if i can still use zinc and my copper pills. it says not to take them together so i take minocycline in the morning and night and zinc in the middle of the day is that ok. Or should i stop taking zinc.
  20. hey there finished accutane like 5 months ago and now was put on minocin even though i asked for doxy. i already took mino a few years ago for a few years then went off it to start accutane and now i was prescribed it again. aint i already to immine to it because it didnt work before after i used it so long. is it even worth taking after accutane for minor pimples that come out. Plus i got a preety bad wound yesterday cut myself and got a puncture wound and they asked me if i was on any medicati
  21. i dont know if its temporary because once i got off accutane it happened. My hair is so different than it used to be. then 4 months later my face waas breaking out with tiny bumps and i got frustrated and bought accutane online 10mg a day for maintenance but 2 weeks in i got scared cuz my hair was falling out again and i thought it wouldnt happend on such a low dose. Now im stuck here and dont know what to do accutane was the only thing that worked for me. I dont think retin a is for me i have r
  22. well i did accutane and had amazing results and thought it was finally over but slowly i started to break out little by little. was prescribed azelex cream which didnt help and then cleocin lotion but only worked for like a month. Now im breaking out and dont was my face to get bad and feel depressed again. Getting acne back has brought my confidence to a all time low. im going to the derm on the 11 what should i ask for. I cant take accutane anymore because i got a hair thinning problem from it
  23. hey since ive had thinning hair and hair loss from my first course of accutane i decided to go out and buy some biotin 2500 and a vitmain b complex to take along with accutane to stop my hairloss problem. i also bought some nioxin shampoo and conditioner. Has anyone had success taking biotin and getting there hair to be normal while on accutane. im only taking 10mg a day for now. Also i didnt know how much biotin to by but the only one they had was 2500mcg which i dont know what that means.
  24. i keep asking questions and no one will help me out. Ever since i stopped taking accutane my hair has thinned alot and now 5 months later i started a second course of accutane 10mg a day. i know its a risk to damage my hair even more but i hate acne and oily skin. What is a way to prevent it and grow my hair back. i want to try nioxin shampoo but know one is giving me a god review on how it works. i also bought nizoral shampoo today because my scalp is itchy. What shampoo do u guys use while on
  25. well once i finished my first course of accutane my hair got really thin and was worrying me. My accutane came back so i took another risk and went back on accutane on 10mg a day. My scalp is really itchy. I used to get a special liquid that i would put on my hair before acctuane for the scalp but dont have anymore. I was wondering if anyone can tell me what to use. I heard that nioxin shampoo and conditioner is great. Will this stop my hair thinning problem and itchy scalp problem even on accut