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Picture Comments posted by thepicardythird

  1. Wow your skin looks great! Very happy for you. I've used acne free also and I think it's the best thing I've ever used! I'm using proactiv right now but when it runs out I'm gonna go back to acnefre cause it's much cheaper and I like that you can just walk in to the store and get it,no waiting for stuff in the mail! Also isn't acnefree fragrance free?Proactiv has fragrance added into it which isn't good for skin.

    I love acne free. As far as I know, Acne free probably doesn't have any fragrance. Because it doesn't smell at all really. Just a tiny bit from the sacylic (or how ever it is spelled) acid smell. Or something.

    I love it. And I LOVE the Costco Price. 8 oz or so for like $25. for all three steps.

  2. wow your really gorgeous. i was wondeirng how old you were??

    because i read a post of your like a long time ago saying you were going to school (highschool) etc etc.. but then read your married iw as like wtf your way too young for all that. but what do i know right :)

    I am 24. Not sure where you read my post from high school. i have been married almost 4 years though. And completely happy. It's nice to hear someone thinks you are pretty though.

  3. um what kinda thing have u been following?

    I have been taking care of my face more by being persistant in washing, and not picking at all. (OR as much as I remember to stop myself... so a lot better). I actually learned by mistake, left my acne wash home, and bought one on a trip real quick, that I had to dry out my skin. Didn't ever realize I was oily.

    I am using Phosoderm's acne warming wash. It doesn't smell that great... well, it does if you like the smell of aloe/leaves stuff... but it is working so well with my face. I am also using Nuetrogena daily effects acne wash, that fights aging and wrinkles... you can never start too soon...

  4. You Have A Wonderful Face...Do You, Or did you ever have acne?

    Yes, I did and do still sometimes. I used to pick at my face and make what wasn't so bad, really bad. I have to fight the urge to do so now, since it was a habit given to my by my mom, but I am winning this fight. Finally.

  5. Your face looks great! You mentioned the challenge of scarring after your face clears... well, I don't see much of that at all. You look fabulous!!

    Commenting on your user name... what kind of music do you like?

    I am a music finatic.

  6. Simple simple!

    zig zag your hair on top, and pull out little pieces to curl on the sides of your face.

    Once in a pony tail, take a piece of the pony tail (divide into like 6-10 pieces, depending on hair tickness and length). FInd something Round (I use my blush brush), and simply roll the hair around it. Then, pull the round object out, with one hand, holding the rounded hair with the other, then just stick a bobby pin thru it

    . Repeat with all pony tail hair in the circular motion you see my hair in until all hair in pony tail is rolled.<br /><br /> Then, just spray and spiral curl with a small curling iron, the pieces you pulled down at the beginning.

    In time, this hair style literally will take you 10-15 minues, or less!

  7. It's simple really. I use a deep cleasing wash in the morning and in the night (I use the cheap target brand stuff, that they compared to Nuetrogena) and then, I also use Biore's Heating Black head remover (it's a green bottle and smells really good). then, at first I was spot treating with Nuetrogena's Overnight spot treatment (well basically all over my face). (Little white bottle). And applying it a few times a day. Along with some neosporin to inflamed (picked at) pimples. But only where needed (the Neosporin).

    I eat better, and I stopped picking at my face, (a habit my mom taught me...sad.gif). Takes some effort not to pick at my face when I am bored, or on the phone or vegging, but I actively think about it, and just realized I would rather have clear skin. Now, with clearer skin, same regimine, I just use less of the spot treatment, cause I don't need it. PERSITANCE, consistancy and a routine (I simply wash in the shower) is the key I found.

  8. Thanks so much for the comments. It's always nice to hear. Well, I guess if I act like a Tomboy (climbing, rapelling, that sort of thing) but look alright, for me, that's the best way to live. thanks so much for the compliment, you're very kind.