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  1. Someone recommended these for me. glycolic peels? Hibiclens or Provon?

    What are they, where do I get them, what do they do, how much are they?

    What do you all think? My face is clear sometimes, but then awful others. I am tired of having "mostly clear" skin. These pics are with make up on a mildly good day. (oTherwise I wouldn't have taken the picture, I don't really like my face in most pictures! (because of the acne))

    Right now I am using Biore Warming black head scrub, and Neutrogena Rapid Clear Acne eliminating spot gel. (salicylic acid) Then, a SPF 30 moisturizer and block by Neutrogena.

    I just started yesterday. Any comments would be great!! Thanks!!! eusa_clap.gif





  2. I am new to this here acne forum. I am starting a new regime I guess you could say, I am just tired of settling for "mostly clear" skin. I wanted to post on the gallery, but couldn't see how to. So, here is my before pics. eusa_whistle.gif

    Welcome to the forums! I think you should start out with a glycolic acid peel, then after that cleansing with Hibiclens or Provon twice a day. That should be all you need because your skin looks great!