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  1. I love acne free. As far as I know, Acne free probably doesn't have any fragrance. Because it doesn't smell at all really. Just a tiny bit from the sacylic (or how ever it is spelled) acid smell. Or something. I love it. And I LOVE the Costco Price. 8 oz or so for like $25. for all three steps.
  2. From the album: Look ma, no make up, finally

    It's working. The Acne Free medication... read my other post two pics to the right.
  3. From the album: Look ma, no make up, finally

    Acne Free is also at Costco. Like a 3 month supply for around $30.
  4. From the album: Look ma, no make up, finally

    So, I got tired of jumping between products at the store, and was finally ready to commit to FOLLOWING a set regimine. SO, I was browsing around in a Pharmacy, and found Acne Free. A 3 step program that claims to be like Pro Activ. So I have been using it. Within about 2 weeks I saw a noticable difference. So much so, that I went back and bought the other product there by the brand, the scar remover. Which also seems to be working well. My face still has break outs, but they seem easier to contr
  5. yes Wilsonville to be exact. Although we travel 9 months of the year, so we are only there sparatically when I got to chorus. And take my arranging lessons.
  6. I am 24. Not sure where you read my post from high school. i have been married almost 4 years though. And completely happy. It's nice to hear someone thinks you are pretty though.
  7. From the album: Look ma, no make up

    One of the pictures my husband took at his studio in POrtland. It was a good face day.
  8. I have been taking care of my face more by being persistant in washing, and not picking at all. (OR as much as I remember to stop myself... so a lot better). I actually learned by mistake, left my acne wash home, and bought one on a trip real quick, that I had to dry out my skin. Didn't ever realize I was oily. I am using Phosoderm's acne warming wash. It doesn't smell that great... well, it does if you like the smell of aloe/leaves stuff... but it is working so well with my face. I am also u
  9. thepicardythird


    Yes, I did and do still sometimes. I used to pick at my face and make what wasn't so bad, really bad. I have to fight the urge to do so now, since it was a habit given to my by my mom, but I am winning this fight. Finally.
  10. From the album: Look ma, no make up

    I guess drying out is what I needed.
  11. From the album: Look ma, no make up

    So for me, the best thing has been drying out my face, using a face wash that was herbal. Phisoderm. I never realized that the problem could be oily skin, or at least that is what I am thinking. My face never looked oily. But I stopped using the stuff I had been using cause I went on a trip, and had other stuff, that wasn't as drying, and i got a few spots, and they are very oily. Wow, that's a break through for me, now I know how I have to balance it.
  12. From the album: Look ma, no make up

    Finally clear again... after some set backs! Sorry for the pic quality, it's from my camera phone.
  13. Your face looks great! You mentioned the challenge of scarring after your face clears... well, I don't see much of that at all. You look fabulous!! Commenting on your user name... what kind of music do you like? I am a music finatic.
  14. thepicardythird


    From the album: Look ma, no make up

    I have never took care of my face. I have been for two months with a good regimine of washing and sunsreening, and I happy with the results. My skin is evening out. yeah, my face is clearing up. A few red marks, but I am not going to complain one bit. It's so much better than HAVING to wear a pound of cover up, like I did all through high school and college!