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    my church (LDS), Climbing, Singing Barbershop, playing my french horn, painting, drawing, Warcraft and starcraft
  1. thepicardythird

    Look ma, no make up, finally

    My face, and it's moods
  2. thepicardythird

    Look ma, no make up

    Never cared TOO much about my face
  3. Someone recommended these for me. glycolic peels? Hibiclens or Provon? What are they, where do I get them, what do they do, how much are they? What do you all think? My face is clear sometimes, but then awful others. I am tired of having "mostly clear" skin. These pics are with make up on a mildly good day. (oTherwise I wouldn't have taken the picture, I don't really like my face in most pictures! (because of the acne)) Right now I am using Biore Warming black head scrub, and Neutrogena Rap
  4. thepicardythird

    First Post

    Welcome to the forums! I think you should start out with a glycolic acid peel, then after that cleansing with Hibiclens or Provon twice a day. That should be all you need because your skin looks great! Chris ←
  5. I am new to this here acne forum. I am starting a new regime I guess you could say, I am just tired of settling for "mostly clear" skin. I wanted to post on the gallery, (can anyone tell me how to??? ) but couldn't see how to. So, here is my before pics.