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  1. Do u guys use plain 100% tea tree oil or a small percentage of tea tree oil mixed in with other crap. I used 2 use 100% tea tree oil, it hurt a bit but it dryed up d zit. But now for some reason 100% dosen't work at all, its painful, my skin goes bright red and it usually leaves me with a huge deep pimple. I tried using this stuff which is like 10% tea tree oil in a aqueous cream base, pretty good, no great results but it seems to stop it from gettin any worse.
  2. I've been on diane for the last 2 months and haven't seen much improvment, i've heard of yasmin but how is it different to diane, is it better? I've also heard of a new one thats come out called lolette which is supposed to be the best of all and have less side effects? Ahh ](*,) so many different bcp's i'm confused
  3. what are the best contraceptives for acne avaliable in AUSTRALIA
  4. Does anyone have any information about Lolette. Whats better for acne out of yasmin and diane??
  5. Dude i'm so interested. I've been on diane for just a month, maybe i should use dis shit instead, is it more affective. Does anyone have any info on it, tell us if u find out more about pick n pock
  6. Thanx for ur help tulipa, i already am on the contraceptive pill but because the ones that can be used for acne as well arent supported by the national health scheme so it cost me 40 dollars a box. When i was on the normal pill before i only had to pay 3.70 and the rest was paid by the government.
  7. Thanx for the info guys, does anyone else have any suggestions on b5
  8. Why don't u just buy benzac AC in 2.5%, it comes in a big tube and isn't that expensive considering how much u get, not to mention its water gel based so it causes less irritation, obsorbs better into the skin and make up can be worn smoothly over it.
  9. It's so cool how in Australia we can get benzac without a perscription! I reckon its better than other BP formulations, so do all the derms i've been to, because its water based it dosen't irritate d skin as much and it comes in a 50g economy tube??
  10. I brought a bottle of blackmores B5, each tablet contains 100mg calcium pantothenate (equivelent of 90mg pantothenic acid) Is this strong enough without having to take 10 tablets a day and buying a new bottle every few days thus sending myself broke?
  11. If u know ur acne is hormone related u should ask ur doc for a perscription for a contaceptive pill such as diane 35 ED
  12. How does b5 work and how much shold i take? Also do i HAVE to take it with a vit B complex as well??
  13. Thanx for the info shatangi i think i will try brenda, i've already brought the stuff and it cost me 49 dollars for a 3 month supply (thats just for the generic brand) because diane isn't supported by the medical health scheme. I can't seem to find the section on contraceptives in the web site though??? #-o I thought Cilest was the generic of Orthocyclen?? If so i wonder why it only worked for u the second time round? Oh well thats great that it cleared u up, and in such a short period of ti