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  1. well your acne isn't that bad. bro. i mean i knwo its bad cuz its ony ou face. but. what have you tried? i say use water :-P <3
  2. if iec don't work try neo sporn or toothpaste for like a good 5 hours
  3. be funny be smooth be confident -acne doesn't make you a person -whats in your heart makes you what kinda person you are and if all else fails got to school make alota money then drive a nice car. lol there you go. <3
  4. you know i feel bad i wouldn't date someone with acne even tho i have it you wouldn't think someone with acne and someone whos had it forever would be shallow BUT i am. <3 \
  5. i don't think its true that if you have mild acne. cuz i have large cystic acne. and i've been products for probley over 6 years and the cystics came since i started 9th grade i am now a senior and now that i quit using chemicals just water my skins improved 80 90 percent 3 zits. I NEVER HAD ONLY 3 ZITS SINCE I CAN REMEMBER STARTING TO GET ACNE. i am not saying water is a cure but it seems that all medicins do are kill off your skins own ability to fix your skin you need sebum bp kills sebum and
  6. personally 3 blade works for me i breakout using anything less i am just talking from personal experience you don't have to shoot down what worked for me thank you.
  7. if you don't shave everyday. your skin gets irriated you shave everyday for about 2 weeks and yuor skin gets used to it so you don't breakout when you shave everyones different. But if your getting irratation you need to make your skin use to shaving so you shave everyday and your skinn will get use to it and you won't break out thats what iam saying how is that not understandable? <3
  8. lol i am serious man i did everything tried everything drank my pee lol thats all bs. as far as i am concerned i just said one day am just gonna live a normal life i'll wash mah face with water. and thats it and thus clearer then i've been in like 3 years <3
  9. i understand this very well my gf is perfect perfect skin perfect face perfect body and i go ew to myself lol its like she has to look at this bumpy red face an di just wanna get clear for her. or just like not lett her near my face lol even tho she "doesn't care" i think somewere deep down she does everyones a little shallow. i guess -_-
  10. it may make us a better person then someone with out acne not learning the tramatizing effect of it. i guess being polite. but. acne still sucks lol