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  1. My new derm picked up on my low white blood cell levels in this month's labwork. I don't know if this is a result of accutane or not, but after researching my old derm's labs from 2 years ago per request of the new dr., I realized that I had really low counts then too. Anyone else have this? I hope it doesn't prevent me from finishing this course! I guess I'll find out when I have my appt. for a refill next week. Just wondering if this is common.
  2. Is there anyone else here that finds it really, really hard to restrain yourself from picking at your skin? Oprah had a good show yesterday about body dysmorphic disorder and how people are embarrassed to be seen, thinking they look so freakishly ugly, when in fact they are not ugly at all. They also discussed skin pickers. I am starting to feel like I'm on the fence with this disorder myself. It's getting really hard to want to go anywhere, yet I HAVE to because I have 2 active kids and
  3. OK, I'm beginning to lose faith in accutane being my cure. I've been on it since July, and I though I was starting to turn the corner but I'm broken out again. Coincidentally (or not), it's that time of the month... but still... Enough is enough. When will it get better? Maybe this is like my second "initial breakout" because I jumped from 20 mgs/day to 40 mg. twice a day. I don't know... but damn... I can't stand it much longer.
  4. OK... this is going to sound like a very stupid question but here it is... Obviously, the sun is bad for skin no matter what... accutane or no accutane. But is there any reason why it's particularly WORSE to be in the sun when you're on accutane? Is it just that your skin is more sensitive??? I've been avoiding the sun for the most part all summer, and between being pale, and being constantly broken out... I've been miserable to say the least. But in these last few days, our weather's been
  5. Wow, it is such an emotional rollercoaster... two steps forward, one step backward. Granted, acne is a fairly minor problem compared to all the hardships and insanity happening in our world today... but seeing as this is an accutane forum, allow me to be vain... ;-) I am feeling the accutane really kicking in now that I've upped my dosage significantly from 20 mgs./day to alternating days of 80 mg/40 mg. I'm itchy all over (bough aveeno body moiosturizer which helps). and my skin is drying o
  6. My first derm isn't very thorough when it comes to explaining accutane, what to use with it etc... In fact she sent me home with my accutane prescription and all kinds of benzoyl peroxide and salicilic acid trial size things to use (a big NO NO I hear...). She made almost no mention of moisturizer, etc... I was always depending on my own research and apparently doing all the wrong things *using scrubs to get teh flakes off my skin, which only dried it out more and irritated it more) - which
  7. Hi I'm having one hell of a lousy summer on accutane. Peeling, breakouts, picking at them making them worse... it's not fun but I know that patience is a virtue on this stuff. I'm hoping that when I go off it I can tackle the aging skin issue (I'm 37) and really work at smoothing my complexion (which will hopefully be free of acne - PLEASE GOD!) What are things that can be done following acne, when skin is calm and clear? I have enlarged pores and some scarring and I want desperately to f
  8. My stomach is really bloated suddenly. I'm wondering if this is a side effect of accutane. Anyone??
  9. ! Your derm is a greedy irresponsible ****** whose liscense should be taken away. Get another derm right away. BTW, each accutane treatment is ~4000 dollars. I have to disagree... If her life is being changed... she's getting depressed and withdrawn, basically, because she's always broken out... then why NOT try accutane? I am in her situation... and I put off accutane for far, far too long... and as a result, I have some scarring and enlarged pores from years of picking, squeezing, drying
  10. Just thought I'd update: Doing better today. That mess on my face from a few days ago has pretty much cleared up. I"m actually relatively clear right now. Hopefully it continues... I've been using cleansers, though, with Salicylic acid and stuff... My skin is not too dried out - a little tight but I found this serum stuff from Loreal and it's sooo nice on my skin and seems to balance out the dryness without shine or oiliness. I also have been putting duac on the breakout. My skin looks v
  11. Well, could I have timed it any worse? I started my 2nd course of treatment 10 days ago... and today and the next few days are ALSO the typical days I'd breakout with my cycle anyway... so, I'm totally doomed now. I am starting to dry out more... and suddenly things are popping up now... Been here, done that... This is so NOT fun... I'm realizing that trying to mask it with makeup doesn't really help... especially in this muggy weather when you're sweating... so I'm trying to suck it up an
  12. Just wondering... what's the longest time that it's safe to continually be on accutane? Does anyone here know this?