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  1. >>>will it all fall apart? will she be horrified? will it even matter? It won't matter. Trust me.
  2. Cool, remember to post pics of the progress.
  3. Some questions: 1. Are you still using benzoyl peroxide/moisturizing? 2. What is the aim of this exercise? Thanx.
  4. Trust me, it is not a good idea. Why don't you post the exact ingredients here and I will tell you which ones are comedogenic?
  5. Aren't you supposed to be a moderator here? This guy is wasting his time and damaging his health. :roll:
  6. >>>1 - sun bed / once every 2 day's -=- It will dry you out and clear up the red remaining spots. No. It will give you melanoma (cancer) and make you look tacky. In fact, I'm fairly sure UV light makes acne worse in the long run. >>>2 - extremely! hot shower -=- I was afraid to get skin cancer or something stupid, but in Japan they all do it. I don't understand why you do not see that your first suggestion guarantees skin cancer, but somehow think that this one will.
  7. Try one without sodium laureth sulphate or other comedogenic compounds.