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  1. I too love the fact that her foundation, blush, and concealer do not contain mica. I had a brand before that contained mica and it seemed to rub easier. I wear Cursh Minerals all day and even when I do touch my face it stays out. They are much more light weight than the other brands I have tried and match my cool skin tone better than any other brands. What can I say, I love them. When she gets back I'm going to ask her if she can make me a Mica free blush that is the same color as the "My M
  2. I buy the "Chai Green Tea" from Stash Tea. It takes the bitter taste out of the green tea and gives it a really yummy flavor. You could also try adding some blended up raspberries to your tea for a sweeter "Raspberry Iced Tea" flavor. Or, you could take the easy way out and pop some Green Tea Extract Capsules every day. .
  3. I have large pores on and around my nose as well and the biore black head strips don't do squat. The best thing I've found for shrinking my pores is to exfoliate my skin. I use a mild scrub that is all natural each night, and do a weekly enzyme peel also. My pores look much better and I have actually had people compliment my skin since exfolitaing so faithfully. I have looked for a product like that too with no luck, but the exfoliating has really helped, if anyone finds one let us know!
  4. I do use a very mild and all natural scrub that is much more mild than this. I found that having my skin exfoliated helps with my acne. I have used a similar scrub to the St. Ives apricot scrub, but I have found the closer I get to all natural the better my acne is.
  5. As with any acid peel, remember, it is an acid, and will burn whatever is there to burn. If you want to slough off the dead skin without such a drastic burn I recommend getting an enzyme peel. Enzyme peels are made from plant enzymes and work by absorbing dead skin cells and leaving the live (hydrated) cells alone. They are much better for acne and alot safer as they do not irritate the skin or cause scarring. The one I use is at: http://www.newyouskincare.com
  6. 10 days without anything but water sounds dangerous. I know you can do juice fasts that can give you some somstanance, but 10 whole days with no nutrients sounds really un-healthy. As with anything that drastic I say talk to your doctor before taking such a big chance. I can't imagine how starving yourself could be good for any of your body including your skin. I really doubt acne is caused by eating . However, it would'nt hurt to try going organic for a while and seeing if it helps your ac
  7. Definately cleanse after you run. I myself would do a mild scrub to exfoliate any buildup, then a little moisturizer and of course drink alot of water. Water helps to purify the body and moisturize the skin.
  8. Get your colors tested. Find a mary-kay consultant and ask them to do your colors. I too am cool colors with pink undertones and most drugstore brands make me look dead. It was after I got my colors tested and realized that my skin tone is cool that I have been able to buy makeup that works. It also helps you choose colors to wear when buying clothing. Just something every woman should have done if you can. I do not use Mary Kay cosmetics, however, I use Mineral makeup. One way to know if yo
  9. I use a makeup that is a natural sunscreen. Mineral makeup: You can read about what makes it a natural sunscreen at: http://ezinearticles.com/?Mineral-Makeup:-...screen&id=51042 The natural ingredients are the key.
  10. I agree about overall health being more important. If you wnated to findout if the raisin cure is bacause it cleans you out it you could try a bowel cleanse and see if it helped. Since I absolutely HATE raisins I would have to try the cleanse. But my acne is very under control right now and I've been taking some powerful antioxidants so that may be the reason why my acne is better. By the way, red wine has some powerful anti oxidants in it including Resveratrol, but some of the more potent ant
  11. I use coconut oil for frying most stuff in. Just look at where coconut oil comes from and where it has been used for hundreds of years. Most women in the tropics have beautiful skin. Just like anything else, you'd have to try it and see.
  12. You may want to look into a mild moisturizer you can put on after washing your face after the workout. Or you could find something that helps with skin iritation, something that soothes the skin. Aloe vera gel for example helps the skin start the healing process and it has moisturizing properties that penterate all 5 layers of the skin. Or even a sun block that is mild and helps soothe the skin and protect it from irritation. I know that after I work out my face feels extremely dirty, and n
  13. I have to agree. Get your hormones checked, and your glucose. I started a low-carb diet a little over a year ago, had my hormoines checkecked before I started it, then have had them checked every 3 months since then, and thy have slowly come back into balance and I have gained an enormous control over my acne. I am not trying to promote low-carb for anyone, but you have to find out what your body needs. I found out that an unhealthy diet whacked out my hormones and since eating more healthy my
  14. You can dilute the tea tree oil with whatever you want. I just recommend aloe vera gel because of it's wonderful skin healing and moisturizing properties. It's also very mild which makes it perfect for sensative skin.
  15. Eat antioxidants and apply them directly to your skin. Aging and cellular damage is a result of oxidative damage to cells. We have to have oxygen, but sadly when our cells burn that oxygen the by product is free radicals that break down cells if there is too much of it. Antioxidants fight off free radicals and help the body live longer. In labratory tests fruit flies fed twice an antioxidant rich diet lived twice as long as fruit flies that eat what is in their environment. Antioxidant rich d
  16. If you're like me and your skin is just too sensative to Benzoyl Peroxide there is a natural aternative that will also kill the acne bacteria and actually helps help your skin from cuts and burns instead of causing dryness and irritation. Tea Tree Oil. Melaleuca alternifolia, or Australian tea tree oil as it is more commonly known, is a native Australian plant with many remarkable properties. When crushed and distilled, the leaves of this plant yield a 100% natural oil which is an antiseptic, a
  17. It is suspected that jojoba oil "tricks" the skin into stopping the production of sebum through somehow mimicking sebum. This also means that jojoba oil will assist in breaking down sebum in plugged-up pores. Sebum and jojoba oil will mix readily without sealing off the skin pores. Dermatologists have also reported jojoba oil's non- irritating use for acne. Other materials such as mineral oil can cause anaerobic microbial growth and inflammation redness and swelling in and around pores. Jojoba o
  18. I too am interested in your MMU if you have it ready, and if you don't please let us know when you will. PM me if you'd like. Jennie
  19. 90 degrees is nothing. I live in Arizona and th high today was 113! And to top it all off the power went off this afternoon so no air conditioning. Fortunate for me I wear mineral makeup and it does not budge even when I sweat. It does shine a little when I sweat though. I can handle that, but I couldn't do the makeup melting off the face thing. An added bonus is of course that mineral makeup is made of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, both natural sunblocks and water resistant so I was cove
  20. Green tea has many benefits to the skin. It is a very powerful antioxidant. However, applying it topically seems to have more benefits directly to the skin than just drinking it. Green tea is also a natural UVB blocker when applied topically to the skin. Here's the scientific proof: (article published in Life Extension Magazine Jan 2005 Issue): www.lef.org TOPICAL APPLICATION OF GREEN TEA ALSO SHOWS BENEFITS The naturally occurring polyphenols in a cup of green tea have been shown to prov