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  1. uhm..yes....i been told i don't have it though. I think the redness I have are a mix of scarred pores and redmarks. There is practically nothing that can be done since most scar treatments tend to make big pores bigger.
  2. i have same. some do and some don't. I think keeping it out of the sun helps. spf doesn't though
  3. well, first off, I'm asian not albino and since the Shiseido product I tried (a high spf sunblock) have a very opague whiteness to it, I look like I'm wearing a kabuki mask, or worse yet a geisha girl, when I use it. I've tried high spf products from neutrogena and olay and noever got that level of opague whiteness in the lotion. Also, their sunblock is EXTREMELY greasy and I assume poreclogigng. I can literally feel the thing sticking on my face. It might be appropriate to double as clown makeu
  4. I have the exact same problem. Far as I can tell there is no "cure". Mine came from using too much bp and just generally treating my skin like crap.
  5. I've had bad experience with Japanese products, esp Shiseido. Tho japanese must have mighty good skin to withstand that stuff. But Tancyfan, your post might be more useful if you told us what products caused the problem
  6. Honestly, this was a thread I was thinking about starting. About time...thanks Colin. I have light/medium skin and by that I mean my skin is pale yellow if I don't sun, but I tan very easily. I'm not off-white like some asians can be though. RAM caused me some permanent redmarks, overapplication of bp gave me a red/burn mark ( i emphasize the overapplication here since normal use of it was fine for me), sunscreen/block did nothing to prevent my skin from tanning or burning. It seems only
  7. i had the exact problem as you. I kept a log on this and it really helped. Also, igotmyphilosophy kept a log on it as well as she had the same problem. For me the most important thing was laying off the complicated products, washing w/ purpose or basis antibacterial, avoiding the sun and eating well. It took me 4 months to get my skin tone back to some semblance of normalcy btw, so you ahve to be patient! i doubt u have rosacea. you're too young and secondly, since u were normal befor
  8. ipl is done for alot of rosacea sufferers. Results are not always positive. dependson the practitioner and the patient. sometimes things get worse, sometimes there's no change. you might want to get a second opinion.
  9. Lexy, it does look quite good. Your skin looks quite smooth, it doesn't have that "scarred" look at all. I know you tried alot of stuff but which one do you consider had the most effect? Is it the supercop?? I'm sooo tempted to try it looking at your improvements.
  10. it really helped to switch to a gentle cleansing routine w/ just water and Purpose.
  11. Yes they are continually improving in depth, but he rough texture, wrinkles, hills, valleys, large pores are back! I am going to see a new derm in three weeks. I have a sneaky suspicion that he will say to wait to do micro derm until the rolling indents from the facial have healed completely. I'm a slow healer, so in my case that could mean another six months! Ahh....fuck. I'm just gonna lock myself in my studio.....hide out for awhile, bang out some beats. i have large pores
  12. Lexy, I saw your new image and your skin looks much smoother than your initial pictures. It's hard to believe your progressed so much w/o any really invasive treatments. Are you still using supercop? How do you think it works on scarred pores?
  13. hey...i was diagonosed with it too. Got prescribed stuff, made me worse. Finally I had to start avoiding trigger factors which worked so well ppl can't believe I have it. I hardly believe it myself and am likely to belief I have sun and food allergies! ANyway, I know it can be frustrating but you just have to be patient.
  14. any one i really need to know don't steam. it will break all the blood vessels on your face bit by bit until you look like a tomato. don't steam
  15. wow...your skin really is tough and heals fast. My skin is super sensitive to anything. Even bp gave me a red mark scar between my eyes. Couldn't hardly believe it .... anyway, I'm glad nothing bad happened and the procedure is paying off for you