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Picture Comments posted by dmckay

  1. My scars are the same as yours but i dont have the acne on top of them also. I'm having resurfacing done on the scars though, going to Manchester soon to see a consulant, Have to wait a year though i've just been taken Accutane though.

  2. Thanks for your kind comments :(

    I started accutane on 19th March, been on 60mg all the way through until a month ago where my dose was lowered to 30mg.

    I see her next on the 19th October and hopefully ill be taken off the tane and they are going to offer me laser resurfacing for my cheeks.

  3. The right side of my face the acne has cleared and im left with red marks but the left side isnt really do much and my forehead is clear, ill try and get a picture soon!