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  1. yea i wish i cuda taken the supplements but like i said for other reasons i cant ok so my skin isnt looking any different initially cleared up but it looks as bad as ever rite now. im going to keep perservering it works on my friends mild acne so i reccommend it to those ppl and see about accupuncture or nethin else to fix within. Also drinkin 2 litres of water a day lol i always need the toilet!
  2. aww i can't b mean she is only human if we had cameras takin photos of us on r bad acne days imagine how upset we wud be! besides if my skin looked like that without makeup i wudnt complain and they wear SOOO much makeup her pores probably get clogged sometimes and wen her weight kept goin up and down and she was eatin all sorts of junk didnt every1 say she had hormonal imbalances lolol
  3. wat were u using? this ointment has a lotta stuff i havent heard of and ginseng it mite b worth a go if u havent tried the getaway lotion ?
  4. yea i have heard that initially a holiday in the sun improves the appearance of acne by almost bleaching it and taking the redness away but like everythin this is sun damage and ur acne can actually come back worse in the fall which is why spf is always essential and why so many acne sufferers use a moisturiser with an spf year round. Sweat is also a factor so just b sure to use spf and stick to the regimen you use nite and day maybe splasing your face with water in the afternoons? generally wo
  5. im not sure exactly wat her product was but she said it was just like a lotion oil thing and she didnt wear makeup so i think its 101E the same as me. How its going for me so far: its been 2 days and i wash my face with bruts bees tomato soap and put this ointment on after each morning and night. Also if i have time i splash my face with water and apply some in the afternoon too which is reccomended. I hon estly see quite a difference in my acne in such a short time which i hope can get bette
  6. http://www.folica.com/101E_Acne_Getaw_d64.html oh wow seems kinda well known... here is a link on the product the reviews seem very mixed but hm i'll see it does say it can irritate and to stop using if that happens and it will clear up but my skin is quite sensitive and its still leavin it soft
  7. So a new chinese herbalist opened near me a while ago and I had noticed they had a big poster for treatments to do with acne. One of my friends said her acne is completley clear because she used some ointment from a chinese herbalist so i decided to give it a go. They wanted to give me detox tablets, a herbal tea and lotion but i juts bought the lotion because u have to stick to a very disciplined diet with the tablets and my digestive problems wudnt allow me. the lotion is called 101e acne a
  8. they reccomend 8 glasses size im not sure but i have been drinking almost 2 litres of water a day for a fortnight now and my skin already looks a lot healthier
  9. sorry but wat is candida related acne or watevea please?
  10. ahh i love that book it used to be my bible wne i was startin out with makeup! i def. reccomend it
  11. i use burts bees tomato soap and toner morning and night but at night wen washing of makeup im scared its not removing all my makeup or somethin do u think i shud remove my makeup with a cleansin milk first then wash my face and tone or is this too much? wat does every1 else do
  12. yes im obsessed but altho u may imagine scars i don't my face just keeps gettin new spots EVERY day no matter wat i have been doing i worry and think about it non stop i cant help it especially with every1s new love of digital cameras its like recording how awful i look
  13. i drink a cup of hot water with a slice of lemon in it every morning. u get very used to the taste and its good for ur skin
  14. thanks every1 yea i stayed clear of murad and pro activ and such things i have been using burts bees tomato soap and toner morning and night for the past 2 weeks and absolutley no difference hmm maybe im just stuck with this forever