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  1. I have some! I was an appointment from starting accutane when I saw all the side effects...

    my boyfriend told me to try all the holistic treatments. so i researched for months and began to understand what my skin wants.

    1. Hi!

      your skin is a lot like mine.

      my skin improved the most when I used selenium sulfide on my face. some of my acne was caused by an overgrowth of candida (this can be caused by a high carb diet.)

      if you look around my profile you can find a lot of helpful tips that aren't hard to stick to. but i don't mean to impose either.

      1. Hi, I actually don't have acne anymore- just the occasional pimple. I was on accutane for about 6 months which killed it for me. Now I'm left with a few scars :( . How are you? Put up some pics of your acne I'd love to try to help.

        1. the only birth control pills that have helped my acne are ortho low and nuva ring. i'm on the latter now. it has the least amount of hormones of all hormonal birth control. which will help to keep your periods under control (on nuva ring, my gyn told me to skip the down time for me period to come.)
        2. this thread is full of garbage. women have more health problems because they eat healthily? okay i don't have any sources to say otherwise, but i KNOW fiber is needed for healthy digestion. lol i like the salt water cleanse. i don't suggest doing it only once. take time to do it for a few days at least.
        3. some people in dermatology are so silly. i think a lot of people are convinced that when you drain sebum from a pimple you are helping to decrease the amount of sebum in your body.
        4. regimen http://www.acne.org/messageboard/uploads/1...3_9395_7085.jpg (day one ) http://www.acne.org/messageboard/uploads/1242750954/med_gallery_26413_9395_74771.jpg (month two)
        5. I just heard about this product a minute ago. Has anyone tried it? http://www.skinvac.com/
        6. supplementation and the regimen work for me. i discovered recently some of my acne is caused by candida. so i used my medication - selenium sulfide - on my face (which i hadn't before) my pores are barely visible now and i have red marks, a hive from bad moisturiser, and freckles left. i take Michael's skin factors for mild and non-cystic acne (http://www.michaelshealth.com/) spironolactone (100mg p/day) a prenatal multivitamin vit D 1000IU p/day probiotics primrose evening (up to 3000mg p/
        7. i dunno, depending on your acne it might be a compliment. if you clearly had acne he wouldn't be mean and point it out. i don't think.
        8. my cheeks get worse if i sleep on them
        9. medication is an option, but you have to understand what it does to your brain. it controls what part of the brain produces stress, but depressing this part of the brain affects other reactions. you won't be very happy or sad. just cognitive in a very limited way. when i researched wiki about psychoses and disorders, i realised nobody is abnormal if they understand that part of themselves. i was in my bath shaking because i was scared that the universe was being torn apart. haha that's
        10. i really love when people care about other people. very compassionate advice, Wynne.
        11. Do you have a source for that? http://www.natural-acne-solution.com/image...-acne-small.jpg eh, like what? through the enrichment process, grains are removed of the bran an germ, which contain fiber, b vitamins, iron, and vitamin e.
        12. I agree with a lot of tips left for you. When my face is gross and I can feel my pores filled up and sweaty, I use jojoba oil. cleanse, towel dry, bp, aloe blot oilyness throughout your day cleanse, jojoba oil (dab around your face, wipe off.) bp, aloe