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  1. i used it for like 4 week before on my face and loved it, i think it was workingl. Not exactly sure since i havent been using it long enough to see results. Am looking more for ANTI WRINKLE and ANTI AGING as well as scar reduction. I particularly enjoyed the stinging... I figure if i feel pain it is wroking. I didn't break out @ all, but it was included in w emu oil and retin-a micro. would u guys highly recommend it? is there anything better than skinbio.com's super cop for CP collage
  2. Is the Super Cop Cream from skinbio.com the strongest copper peptide cream available? Does this stuff REALLY help with collagen production in skin? Is there scientific proof like retin-a micro?
  3. ok... i am about 10 days away from my SECOND 50% tca cross treatment right now i am using PD intense gel 10% mandelic acid retin-a micro emu oil would like to know how many days before the cross treatment should I stop the above regimen? also, how many days before the treatment can I apply a 50% lactic acid treatment? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  4. whats the "Obagi" thing... what do you mean? thanks for your input
  5. so what IS lactic acid good for? what are the benefits?
  6. do you guys think it would be safe if i were to put retin-a micro underneath the eye areas say 1x a week for anti wrinkle purposes? if not 1 x a week, how frequently? 2x a week? 1x a month? if at all?
  7. how long is a 2oz. bottle of PD Intense Gel lasting for people? (once a day, everyday for ?x? days?) thanks you
  8. Anyone experiencing HYPOpigmentation? I am of olive complexion and just did a 50% TCA CROSS... am deathly afraid of hypopigmentation. also I work out ALOT.. Do you think it is safe to go into steamroom/sauna after workouts? Will it aggravate the healing process? I am on Day 2 of my 50% TCA Cross treatment. ANY info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  9. ok. let me get this procedure straight. 1. dip the toothpick inside the TCA bottle and let the tip sit there for a minute or 2 - lift it out, making sure there's no dripping. 2. Hold the skin near the scar and pull the skin tight so you can see the scar clearly - then poke and twirl the toothpick dipped in TCA in and around the sides of the scar - just keep it there until it frosts white. 3. Apply NEOSPORIN (3x daily) 40-60 minutes after scar frosts white. Scabs should fall off a
  10. Maya, you is talking crazy and i LIKE it! is there anywhere SAFE & reliable (for lack of better words) to get 50 - 100% TCA?
  11. well.. how big would the risk be if used the super cop @ night before i go to bed and the PURE DEMING in the morning? how many hours of separation is safe in between uses?
  12. Is it possible to wear/ use the PURE DEMING INTENSE GEL in the morning for an hour. THEN Use Super Cop @ night and wear it overnight? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  13. I tried a long ago mixing a %5 treatment with Rejuvenex... I purchaced my DMAE, ALA, and C - Ester (ALL POWDERED forms) from Beyond-A-Century...