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  1. Some 5 year old kid just said the dots on my face is ugly........... and today is my birthday, im now locked in a room, feeling really depressed i wanna cry but i cant
  2. proactiv sucks, made my acne worse, dont waste your money
  3. even if its clean, putting your face on the pillow can irrate your skin
  4. I eat a lot of pizza, burritos, meat, and rice, will these food affect my acne???
  5. disturbing photo..............................................................
  6. i have some relatives in china, they can get some for me for cheap:) but im worried this stuff will have side effects, does it have any??
  7. really? i used some Aloe vera, didnt fade my red marks a lot. glad to hear that your skin is doing so well:) post a pic if possible thx:)
  8. Hi, recently just heard of this B5 Supplements aka Vilantae, its a pill that will stop your oil production, and eleminate acne. has anyone took this? does anyone know the benefits and side-effects of this ?? I really wanna be clear, plz help me plz share, thx
  9. dam, i have exactly the same stituation as u, 30min after i wash my face, its drained in oil!!!!! my face looks so shiny, it always look like im sweating, and i always feel my face is dirty!!
  10. Also i have some acne product to sell also: Duac Topical Gel (clindamycin 1%- Benzoyl peroxide, 5%) 45 GRAMS (prescription only) i got it from my derm, it cost me $128, its expensive because it works better than normal BP, no dryness. just PM me if u r interested. i dont need it so im selling for much much less
  11. dam, i have the same problem, my cheeks have little bumpy things, i pick them out once in a while, but they keep on coming back!!!!
  12. really? those must been some heavy sunglasses then. i occasionally wear eye glasses during class, i have never gotten a zit around my nose area. at least u dont have a lot of acne on your face