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  1. I wasn't told to but I am going to start tonight. Reason being I'm hoping it helps scars and such.
  2. I'd say stick it out and keep going if your test results are fine. As for the scars. I myself have noticed a visual increase in scarring and I asked my dermatologist about it and she said that Accutane does not do this. And this is true because I have lived in Holland for a year and I only had a crappy mirror with bad lighting. When I came home where there is some nice lighting, I saw a bunch of scars where I had no major acne recently. So there ya go...
  3. I like cake. But seriously, I trust the medical community. These people are very intelligent. They've helped me out before with other problems.
  4. Hey just wondering if any of ya'lll washed or wash with just water while being on accutane? I don't like moisturizers at all so I was thinking of just washing with water a couple times. Thanks.
  5. I think I'd just tone it down a bit. Get a good buzz once a while and leave it there. The doctor can see if you have been drinking recently through your blood tests.
  6. I was on Accutane 40mg for a month. It has cleared up my chest, back and neck beautifully. But make no mistake, Accutane is a hell of a hard drug to take because of all the hard side effects. I think Accutane does have a bad rep because let's face it when shit isn't going right people like to blame things. Anyway, I don't know how bad your acne is. Do you want it treated? I mean, I wake up and do my job with acne regardless. Does acne hold me back? Would I be happier without acne? Yeah, a bit.
  7. Havn't seen anything to do with UO for ages!! Best game ever

  8. Just curious, what dosage were you on and how much do you weight?
  9. Do you apply Tazorac once a night? I don't like putting stuff on my face during the day. Thanks.
  10. I have no idea but I love your avatar. :D Did you used to play UO? Yup :) back in the day.
  11. Yeah, I plan to use just the basic kit at the start and add AHA later on.
  12. Well, I'm going to try the DKR for the first time. If it works, Dan you're the man and happy birthday. If not, well you can go....lol j/k happy birthday.