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  1. Hello everyone, I've been researching lately and I've come to realize that along with mild acne I may also have Rosacea, Psoriasis, or Seborrhoeic dermatitis. Now let me explain myself: Classification of Psoriasis:
  2. I just wash my face before I put it on, nothing else.
  3. It also helps with fading scars
  4. Cocoa butter owns! Lately, my nose has been really red and the sides have been really dry, just yesterday night my mum told me about Palmers cocoa butter and I put it on the sides of my nose and I wake up in the morning to find the dryness and flakes 50% gone and the redness 90% gone! HOW COOL IS THAT? COCOA BUTTER RULES!!!!! Oh and if you're having second thoughts because of some posts on this forum. IGNORE IT! Talk is CHEAP until you try it yourself. Remember that.
  5. I believe those are demodex mites. Check out http://www.demodexsolutions.com
  6. Used it. Made my skin worse, and it made my skin tone uneven, and just really irritated my skin..
  7. ZZ Cream = The cream that changed my life, I'm acne free, but not scar free. I have researched upon the topic of demodex mites for months, and then I finally decided to try Demodex Solutions, and within 4 months, I found myself clear and happy as can be. That's my story in a nutshell. So now I'm back on the journey.. but this time to get rid of my scars!
  8. I also find oil very annoying, you take a shower and you look so fresh, then after a few minutes/hours, your as oily as french fries from McDonalds... damn..
  9. I'm in the same position. I'm close to being 100% clear, just have a few scars like yours. But I'm not paranoid. If it's going to be there forever I don't mind, but if the solution is right in front of me, WHY NOT?
  10. Now that I've eliminated the acne, thanks to ZZ cream and Walter, I now have to eliminate the scars, and then I will be absolutely 100% clear. Is there any easy way I can eliminate the scars? What do you guys recommend?