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  1. Sweetie, I have a very nice and hard wand and I'll be more than happy to insert it into your vagina. I don't know if it'll make you heal, but it will make you feel reallllllly goooooooood! mmmm~~
  2. Hey dude-why-do-i-havescars? Don't even pay attention to that A.H. He's full of S***T. On this thread he calls you retarded because you've done yourself a tca peel, but on other threads he has suggested the use of "high-concentration"- tca solution" for "do-it-yourself" procedures!!. So he's the biggest retarded. He contradicts himself a lot. He loves being an idiot. And we cannot change that. When somebody comes up with something new to this board, he starts fighting and calling that pe
  3. Pacsmalls: Experience has tought me a lot of priceless things in this acne scarring battle. Unfortunately, I've learned the hard way. I've been reading some of these posts and some people have no clue or whatsoever they're talking about. So if you want to avoid a nightmare, don't listen to them. Your pictures tell me that you do have rosacea. Even though it's a preliminary stage. Doctors call it "Stage-1" I also see some scars. They are not severe, but they are not that shallow either.
  4. I WOULD GIVE UP MY PENIS THOUSAND TIMES! TO HAVE A PERFECT SKIN. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!!! Lorena Bobbit, Please! Where are you Lorena Bobbit???? Wanna help my dreams come true????? Please I'm begging you honey!
  5. One of my life's biggest regrets is not having taken accutane to treat my acne. Who knows, If I had taken accutane at the first sign of acne (even though I had very mild acne) I wouldn't be here. My face would be so perfect and I would be working (along with my brother) as a model (Shame on me!). Or who knows, maybe accutane could have left me even more scars as it happens in some cases. I'm sorry if I cannot provide an answer to your question. However, I do know that if you are on accutane
  6. Any time buddy! It's a pleasure for me to share my humble knowledge and try to help you in some way. Regarding traditional Laser Resurfacing, I think you should stay away from it. It does absolutely nothing for scarring. It just burns your skin, but your scars will be there. Laser resurfacing wasn't meant for acne scarring, it's used to improve wrinkles, fade pigmentation, maybe freckles and tattoos. And don't ever think it's a simple procedure. Laser resurfacing is a hardcore procedure w
  7. Good for you. I'm glad to hear that. And I also think it's much better to leave our faces alone instead of screwing it up with useless experiments. How's your liver coming along after your third visit for accutane???? Are you on high doses of it? Make sure you take care of you liver after you're done with accutane. I've heard milk thistle is a good herbal treatment for exhausted livers. May I ask you which area you live now??? Who knows, we may be neighbors.
  8. I totally agree with you. The FDA along with the FTC represent a big obstacle. I don't know if they protect the consumer's interest or mega companie's interest. But I've read that these two entities are the world's most corrupt entities and biggest burocracies.
  9. If that means we don't have to listen to this drivvle, then so be it. Nope, that means that you should be more realistic and stop fantasizing,misleading and promoting useless and risky procedures.
  10. Oops, I meant corneas transplants. But I bet brain transplants will be performed sooner than effective scarring procedures.
  11. We've seen or experienced amazing medical advances in the last 100 years. Heart transplants,brain transplant,s sex change operations, boobs enhancements, etc, etc, etc. But why is the scarring treatment field left so behind. I think we have pretty much the same procedures and options people had 100 or even thousands of years ago. The only difference is that we have more BS. I've been doing some research and I learned that Dermabrassion, chemical peels, facial burning technics, collagen in
  12. I've also sought Make-up as a quick solution. But the question is that sometimes when a guy wears makeup others may think you are into something else. Here are some pics of me before and after makeup and I want the ladies to answer how they would prefer me if we were on a blind date. Me before Makep- Me after Makeup [attachmentid=3283][attachmentid=3284]
  13. I also forgot to mention or remind you certain things. I don't mean to put you down, on the contrary, I really want to offer my help in some way. I don't know for how long the HIV virus has been in your body, and how well you take care of your health in general. But you have to remember that people with HIV are usually very slow healers. Their antibodies are in constant fight which weakens the inmune system. And a weak inmune system is an easy target for many other complications such as infec
  14. I'm so sorry to hear that. I think you should definitely take legal action. If they knew a couple of months in advance that you were HIV +, they should have had everything ready for your big procedure. I think you were discriminated big time for being a transmitter of the HIV virus. In some states HIV and AIDS patients are protected by the American Disabilities Act. I THINK THAT MEAN AND WORSE-THAN-SHIT-DOCTOR SHOULD FACE THE CONSEQUENCES. Talk to a lawyer and analyze your possibilities. O
  15. Well, since I'm more on the logical side and I will pray for you girlfriend and hope she doesn't get a heart attack.
  16. Borderlining? borderlining??? In fact, He loved it. Anyways, if he's happy , we all should be happy.
  17. Hopless in Seattle, Thanks for posting your pics. I really hope dermabrassion gives you good results. Dermabrassion is one of the very few procedures meant specifically for acne scarring. Make sure you you chose a super skilled and talented professional with a very broad experience. I would recomend a dermatologist who performs plastic surgery over a plastic surgeon. And if you want before/after pics, your doctor is the one who should have them (if he's qualified and experienced). Make s
  18. I can see tiny and just a few ice pics scars on your forehead. Semi-enlarged pores around your nose and very minor scarring on your left cheek which I think it's not even acne scarring but measles or chicken pox scars. Anyways, your face looks really good. It has an even color and complexion. There is absolutely nothing to worry about. If I were you I would get the hell out of this scars' forum. You were such a fortunate guy and you don't need us. Stay away from plastic surgeons/treatments/pr
  19. One more thing magneticxboy, Could you please e-mail me pics of you and your boyfriend (making out if possible) ? I would love to see these two birds in complete extasy in their love nest.
  20. So, Follow Dazarooni Knowledge, 'cause he/she is the most intelligent person on this and all support forums. Just do whatever he wants you to do. Listen to him. Obey his orders. Pay attention to his posts. His posts are not full of crap. He's always right. So please, please, please, Do follow his directions, he's a river full of knowledge and inspiration.
  21. Hey, nice to hear from you. I missed your posts and I wanted to know how you were doing. Thanks for taking the time and replying. . See, now we are like family members. When J.l.r.m mentioned about you taking accutane and your soulmate, I thought he was just kidding. But he was damn right. It just sounded a little strange to me that you went back on accutante. But what the heck! if it treats your acne and prevents scarring, you should take it whenever necessary. So for how long are you going t