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Rolling Stone

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    When you cease to exist, then who will you blame?
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    Denver, Colorado
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    Music, acting, writing, and some other stuff.

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  1. Well now you do. You must have returned when I was on hiatus. I pretty much do what you do as well. These last couple of months I have been posting a lot though.

    1. Oh hey dude I had no idea it was you lol. Good to see ya

      1. Haha, I know man, it is Dave. Just saying what's up.

        1. Ha thank you sir. I actually used to post on here all the time, I've been a member for like 6 years. I just haven't been around for a while so when I do come on I don't really post much, I just kind of look around to see what's going on.

          1. Hello Sir Pat. I am admiring your lurking skills.

            1. i love you too big bro

              1. hi i miss you


                ok bye


                1. ahaha thanks. same to you

                  1. Alright, let's do this

                    1. killing the other lyssa