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  1. You actually didn't learn your lesson after the first 1 or 2 that got bleached? Its not hard to avoid at all. Only thing that is basically unavoidable is the pillow case.
  2. I had really bad red spots. I just used a neutrogena moisturizer with aha in it. Took them about a year to fade. Just give it time, they will go on their own.. there is no magical cure for it.
  3. Definitely do NOT use it on your cheeks if you don't break out there. I mean, whats the point right? You just save money by not using it there because you won't need to use as much bp. I only break out on my forehead, so i only use it on my forehead. Dan(the creator of acne.org) only breaks out around his mouth, so he only uses it around his mouth.
  4. Apply BP gently with clean fingers like Dan does in his videos.
  5. Follow it precisely for 3-4 months, then you'll know for sure if its worth it to keep on going based on your results.
  6. It says in his post: I just stuck to this simple routine of cetaphil cleanser + 3/4 a pump of BP and moisturizer twice a day.
  7. You CAN use any 2.5% bp and use it in large amounts like Dan does, he says this himself. He even has a few recommended alternative brands that you can buy in local stores for people who don't want to buy his. But different brands of 2.5% bp products will all be different. Different viscosity, some are creams, some are gel's, some are easier to apply and absorb quicker, some will make your face more oily/shiny then others, and some even work better then others due to different ingredients used. I
  8. Just use sunscreen. My friend works 8 hours a day in the sun and he has barely any sun tan at all and never gets burnt because he applies sunscreen a couple times throughout the day.
  9. What do you mean whats so different? Different compared to what?
  10. The first time i went on it i started clearing right away and was perfectly clear after a month or so. The second time it took about 5 months to clear and remain clear.
  11. Any reason why you don't order the BP online from this site?
  12. Wash up and do the regimen after the workout.
  13. Change nothing, you already said you are clearing up nicely. Be patient. 53 days is not that much, keep doing what you're doing and in another 53 days and you'll be good. And yeah if your skin can handle it now using aha as your moisturizer a few nights a week couldn't hurt.
  14. I came off the BP before for 6 weeks, my face got very itchy before the first week was done and i could see clogged pores on my skin(looked like an orange peel). But i remained acne free for the 6 weeks and literally over night my skin broke out worse then ever before. Took a good 4 months back on the bp to clear that break out up for good and another year for the red marks to completely fade. I'd never quit it again for any more then a couple days unless i went on to another treatment. Maybe y