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  1. I would give your skin some time, all these scars will improve on their own in time. You are risking orange peel texture with peels, and can easily make things much worse, I also recommend to you or anyone to always attempt to target the affected areas ONLY and not touch good skin with either laser or peels.
  2. Hello guys, I havent posted here in aged and today I thought I would write a little considering the amount of troubles I have gone thru to rid my scars. First I would like to mention I have created majority of my scars myself, if not all, all to fight 2 tiny pic scars that now looking back I think look awesome. Scarring can really take over your life as it did for me for almost 3 years or more. I feel your pain. No matter how little your scarring is, it can really cause you some grief.
  3. Your certainly right, I was the first one to start writting on how microdermabrasions destroy collagen gains someone achieved over a period of time. If you scarred and you see some improvement, that is because your skin has created a layer of new skin/collagen. This layer is very delicate and not as strong as regular skin. the vaccuming and sanding action combined from a microdermabrasion machine, will eat away this layer without a problem. Leaving you with bigger holes, bigger pores and the
  4. I havent posted in a while but from time to time I like to jump in. If you find some of my old threads you will see the amount of people that suffered more damage from peels. At one point there was around 10 people that damaged their skin with orange peel textures. Peels will not do a thing to the smallest of scars, people just cant get that. If anyone tells you their acid peel took away some scarring, they are lying, or its a premature judgment on what they see. Aside from not doing much to y
  5. s500


    I think your a perfect candidate for dermabrasion, has proven to be successfull for your type of scarring. Thank you for posting pics.
  6. Look up exoderm which is a phenol peel. I would stay away waste of money and a big risk with little people reporting back with improvements.
  7. I want to bring something to everyones attention thats on this board regarding harsh methods and how they can set you back. Lets say you get a scar today, a year from now some collagen has formed and the facial scar looks much better. I emphasize facial because things are different on the rest of the body. So your happy with the gains but you want more improvement so you start seeking other methods on how you can improve the scar further. That new collagen that has formed whether natural or by
  8. Dont like the 30 injection idea to nub the skin, that means he had to dermabrade over many under skin bumps and lumps, which makes more room for errors and very paniful for the patient, there are better techiniques such as nerve blocking. Then the TCA, why even go that route when the dermabrasion will take out any red marks or brown spots. Im still curious of the exact type of machine used as I never heard of it before. Can you give a better description of it, like was it a disc sheet of pap
  9. Steer clear from Rappaport! Plus hes mainly a breast and hair dude, and will try to sell you some lasers and cross treatments, not experienced in scar revision what so ever and will Rob you as the above poster mentioned.
  10. For comparison reasons only dermabrasion provides 20-50% improvement. So dont think TCA peel will do much for your scars, all that will happen is the acid will get absorbed through your pores and give you orange peel texture and like the above poster, very big possibility of more scarring. If you search the board well, you will notice not one soul became scar free or to a lesser extent, happy, about their scars or scar appearance because of their peel. Stay away, you will only destroy your skin,
  11. So many people on this board destroyed their skin trying to improve minor scarring that turned into bigger scarring, all are the result of poor information and hyped up hopes. Peels will take off the top layer of your skin and reveal your pores. I seen this happen to so many members on this forum, getting motivated by a new comers false results and a few members will hop on the wagon and out of the 6 who tried it 3 will have big regrets and looking on how to return their skin prior to the peel.
  12. Most people on here have made their scars worse with either peels or lasers and most of the members that left for good are members who had dermabrasion.
  13. Wont do anything for your scarring, might dig deeper and eat up some of the filling that took place over the years and make things worse. I would stay away, but if you really want to do it, buy a package of 4 treatments from your Dr. if he/she is charging you more then 60 bucks each then walk out on him, no need to even fight with insurance over this. one f the strongest microdermbarasion machines available is the powerpeel.
  14. If you really want to use a copper peptide I would go with the cu3, big company and machine packaged, unlike skinbios which looks very home made and not sure what they're putting in it. Skin biology's owner is supposed to be the founder of cu3 in the 80s but I would still go with cu3 petroleum not gel.
  15. Microdermabrasions vacuuming action sucks any filing done over the scar/pores life. You basically unearth the scar more and will cause more damage to any type of repair you have achieved over the years, same with peels. Retina a and some mild friction rubbing during its peel stage will help produce collagen and fill things in at a very slow rate, you can see results in a year or less.