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  1. I don't know him personally, but my derm in Tulsa says he is one of the best in the world when it comes to dermabrasion. You're in good hands-good luck!!! :D/
  2. My derm told me that with subcision, if it it going to work for an individual, it will be seen with the first procedure. In other words, the best results will be seen with the first round. If more are performed, they probably won't be as dramatic as with the first. This is his opinion from his experience anyway. And yes, I think you would be a perfect canidate for subcision. I don't have any experience with N-Lite but many here report good results, especially after subcision.
  3. Where did you purchase your glycolic peel from? I purchased mine from homepeels and the directions say to leave it on for only one minute for the first one, then increase 30 seconds each peel for a maximum of no more than 5 minutes. I haven't used mine yet as I am using a 15% glycolic aloe vera gel for a few weeks to get my skin accustomed to glycolic acid. Cynthiana
  4. It has been 21 days since I had my subcision done and I must say I am very happy with the results so far. The swelling has long since subcided and I continue to use the CP serum. Recently I have added a 15% glycolic gel with aloe vera from homepeels and I love this stuff. I am also cleansing with whipped camphor. My husband says he sees a considerable difference in my skin and I agree. I set out for an improvement in my skin condition with realistic expectations and I am very pleased with my res
  5. I had my initial appointment with a cost of $50. My subcision was scheduled for 6 weeks later. After the subcision procedure he zapped areas of my skin, which were reddened from scarring, with a pulsed dye laser. (These once reddened areas had been there for years) The $50 consultation fee was subtracted from the total cost leaving a balance of $700. I have extensive scarring , mostly rolling type, as well as many shallow icepick scars. The outer parts of my chin and my cheeks were the worst.
  6. Hi Louis, My doctors name is Dr. David Minor. He seems very knowledgeable about acne scars and also seems genuinely concerned. Also he is not the least bit arrogant. Good luck to you. Cynthiana.
  7. I have been coming to these boards for several months now and must say that I don't feel so alone anymore like I once did. This is my first time to post. It didn't seem right for me to take from this board and not give something back. About 3 years ago I had CO2 laser surgery believing it was the miracle I had been waiting for. Like so many others here, I found it a big diappointment, as well as a brutal recovery. Exactly 1 week ago I underwent subcision. I found a doctor in Tulsa,