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  1. hi, any updated photos? how are you doing? Thanks for the update!!
  2. what happens to the border of the scar that you have subcision on? when the pit fills, does the border disappear? I can't get a clear understanding of the healing process and what the scar looks like when it is done. Thanks SOOOO much!!
  3. thanks - can't wait to see your results.....I hope everything works out...for the both of us!!
  4. did collagen do anything for your scars? just wondering... thanks again for your honesty!! Personally, I went to a Park Ave Plastic Surgeon and he showed me the door (told me I was crazy!) No one understands unless its THEIR skin and then he referred me to a very famous dermatalogist who wanted me to think about silicone injections (supppossedly very safe with the right doctor) but I was worried and nervous to do this. I think subcision/nlite might just be what the doctored ordered
  5. Thank you for posting your pictures!!!! I can't wait to see more pictures. It looks like Dr. R did a great job and maybe I will muster up enough courage to get the subcision done myself. I am so happy for you and once again, thank you!!!
  6. Oops sorry.... I am so happy for you.. please get an url so we can see. Thanks!!
  7. can someone tell her how to input pictures please??
  8. great. thanks for the update and I look forward to hearing about what happened at today's visit (n-lite?) thanks for sharing...
  9. question: how did the subcision go? did you have a lot of bruising? did you go to work the next day? what kind of scars do you have? He seems like he is good and like you, I have minimal scarring that my husband thinks I am nuts for worrying about but would like to see if they can approve. He is expensive but if he improves us, its definately worth every penny. I too had an excision, it rounded out my scar but for all aggravation you think it would have worked. the stiches opened up. what a nig
  10. and he suggested for my chicken pox mark that I do - Subcision..and then some N Lite. $700 for sub and $650 for the N Lite. He seems like he is very knowlegeable. The office is nice. The staff is a little odd. They interview you first before you see him. Question: Has anybody had subcision for a chicken pox or indented scar and what happens to the BORDER of the scar? does the scar fill in and the BORDER disappears? any input would be appreciated - Thanks.
  11. compared to what you have done?