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  1. ABF32


    My skin was starting to look a little better...in fact, yesterday was the best it has looked since October! And then today - two new large, painful pimples and two additional small ones popped up. I almost cried when I saw them. I thought that maybe I was turning a corner and now it feels like I am back to square one. I really am wondering if stress is causing this. My skin had been relatively under control for such a long time, and I'm currently going through some major (unrelentless) stre
  2. ABF32

    Feeling Hopeless

    Thanks for the encouragement!
  3. ABF32

    Feeling Hopeless

    My skin looked so bad when I got home from my 13 hour work day today. I am at a loss...
  4. ABF32


    My skin was by no means looking stellar this morning, but I thought I looked at least presentable. Fast forward to the end of my twelve hour day at work and there are two new pimples on my chin. They just sprouted during the day even though there was no sign of them this morning. I am convinced that something is causing my skin to react this way. Either stress (I know some people say that's not a factor but it has to be...and I am more stressed than I have been in a long time) or possibly go
  5. ABF32

    Birth Control Woes?

    I switched from Tri Sprintec (which I had been on for years) to Ortho Tri Cyclen about 5 months ago. Actually, the pharmacy switched me...I didn't really have a say in the matter. They told me that my insurance would cover the OTC, but that the generic comes with a monthly co-pay. I'm wondering if the BC swap could have anything to do with the current state of my skin. I know that OTC is supposed to HELP skin, but I'm just at a loss as to why I continue to break out. I hadn't experienced br
  6. ABF32

    Rough Day

    Thanks so much - it means a lot to hear from others that have been where I am! I haven't tried coconut oil (though I have some). Will give it a shot!
  7. ABF32

    Rough Day

    Having a bad day. Feeling awfully alone. Cancelled plans because of my skin and now feeling miserable. I picked at a cystic spot on my chin and now there is a scab. My skin is also generally dry, flaky and red today. Wish I didn't have to spend so much time worrying about my face.
  8. I think I am starting to see some improvement. It's difficult to look past the red marks, but if I do I think I'm seeing clearer skin. I still have a ton of tiny clogged pores, an active spot on my jawline, another on my cheek, and several flaky areas from old breakouts. I also have a few hard, cystic lumps that popped up a long time ago but stubbornly refuse to go away completely. Still, the new pimples seem to be less frequent and my skin looks better overall. I'm thinking that the aha i
  9. My skin was sort of a mess this weekend, and I wasn't able to be super diligent with my regimen since I was out of town. I had three or four new spots pop up this weekend, and another today. More worrisome are the number of red marks that I have. They don't seem to be fading so with each new breakout it seems like my face looks worse and worse. Will keep plugging away. I have another trip planned in a few months and would love to have clearer skin by then.
  10. I work in a different field, but know exactly how you feel. Today I was in a big meeting and looking around I was the only person in the room with acne. It's such a hard pill to swallow. I'm 32 and am more uncomfortable in my skin than ever before. Hang in there. At least we are not alone.
  11. I too suffer from adult acne. I don't really have any advice, but know that you are not alone!
  12. ABF32


    Dry, rough skin and red marks everywhere. One pustule that became more noticeable and inflamed as the day progressed. Getting ready to do my nightly regimen. Hoping my skin is a little more calm tomorrow in the upcoming days.
  13. ABF32

    Just keep swimming

    I think I'm making a little bit more progress. The red marks and rough skin at the sites of previous breakouts are killing me though. Some of them are just as bad as active pimples! I came home from work today with a new (gross) pustule on my chin and a very small whitehead next to a big cystic spot that is healing. Other than that, I am mainly dealing with the remnants of my last few breakouts. Will keep plugging away. Trying to learn not to be so hard on myself.