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  1. Lol no your skin is really nice. After few years you would probably laugh if you see this post. Remember smiling hides evrtything.
  2. Hey guys, Been a while I last logged in here . I was feeling so down that I came to the conclusion that because of acne is the result of today. I have recently moved to Germany from Pakistan. Almost 2 years now. My skin used to be just OK to be acceptable socially in recent years. As all of you know its not the skin that harms but its psychological effects. I remember when I was like teenage , acne hit me hard. As a result I stopped going out of room. For more than one year I remained in my
  3. Everything in this world has some power behind it, why humans were born? why we die? why we have feelings?what happens after death?why there is wrong and right? will we be questioned after death for not saving the weak? will we remember anything ? who are we ? who created us?........ The Questions are endless with so many unanswered things. With all due respects to everyone ,in our bad time we all must have thought one of these things.My only intetnion is to just ask you a simple quest
  4. you really have no idea what your doing talking. Stupids are confident to say anything, intelligents are in doubts.
  5. lmao. A few fucking pimples? i mean seriously? No honestly acne is like anything else such as when someone starts losing hairs .it starts buggin them or shuld they wait till they are bald? Few pimples can scare a person . its fear of gettig worse .I had few pimples to start with and i would freak out like crazy --now its worst i gues i have the rights to complain now:D im only 23years old and i forgot i have no ance
  6. Dont be rude to them, Anything new scares the human.Just like when a baby comes to this he is scared because its all new to him.Jst vulnerable at start be calm with them.
  7. I dont know everything in this world seems like a state of mind either its money, confidence, acne or even good looks.I have suffered acne from 17-21 and i have never been able to recover from its emotional side affects.I have a dream of being wealthy and it jst makes me sad when i fail.
  8. if u are free, then u can give me ur id.i want to improve my speaking skills as its my second language plus im a good listener.so anyone one of u want to share and using skype kind post ur id here or ad me..ill call you.. hassan.rana566
  9. well im not lucky as i ve got acne, but what i would like to hear from u guys... is hardwork enough to get success or luck plays a major role too?? if something fails i just personalise it and feels i am a failure, where as many people tell me its just ur bad luck..i dont know if i shud blame things on luck... well thanks in advance if u cud share ur thoughts frm ur own life..
  10. do u have a guitar? get one break it on the floor as hard as u can...gives u a great feeling. oh i alreay broke 6.
  11. i wish i iknow wot date is? really im just to shy to ask ppl
  12. personality doesnt make a difference its all bullshit. i have approached women and even made them laugh on the first go, but not even one , not a single girl accepted me .All rejections . ""just go for it comment"" it will hurt u more , no women look for confidence these days. personality doesnt work ,tested and and its a proof. life already sucks at 21..oh well thats the way world is.