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  1. I love listening to European trance...usually vocal trance. It's just really upbeat music and it sounds very happy. I have yet to find a trance song that is depressing...it just doesn't fit with the beat. It's always about something positive, and when I started the regimen, I started listening to this more and more. I used to listen to weird slow stuff, and it just made me feel more sad and detached from the world. Now I always have energy and feel happy. A lot of people ask me "How come you
  2. I just got this Ammonium Lactate 12% Lotion from my local Wegmans, and it says it helps moisturize, smooth, and soften rough, scaly, dry, skin. I have Cetaphil sensitive skin moisturizer, and I used it, even though my skin isn't sensitive, but I kept getting whiteheads when I used it, and it didn't help with the red spots. So I saw this and it said that Lactic Acid is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid, which you guys said should help with the red spots. I've started using it 3 days ago, and the red spots
  3. I was watching TV last night and I saw a commerical for this new thing called Blue Light acne removal. You stand in front of a bunch of blue lights with shades on, and it's supposed to clear your acne. I'm not sure how it exactly works, but apparently, there's a light that goes through the skin. It's a blue light. It's a special wavelength around 440 and that light will go through the skin and kill the bacteria that are in the acne. So anyways, I wanna know if anyone tried this, how much it c
  4. Thanks for the advice. I'll try not to touch them and let them do their thing. My regimen is nothing special... -Morning Shower Wash with basis (wait 10 minutes) Apply bp gel (wait 10 minutes) Moisturize with Cetaphil and same thing at night. Are there any other products I can use that would help even more or is this pretty much it? Thanks again -d
  5. OK, I've switched over to benozyl peroxide since I came to this site, and ordered bp gel. While it was in transit, I bought Neutrogena Clear Pore...3.5 bp...it dried white and i used it and cleared up my face pretty noticeably after a week, but I kept getting new whiteheads on my cheeks every single morning. I started using bp gel 4 days ago, and my face has already gotten used to it, feels very good with Cetaphil, and i'm seeing a much better improvement...much less red spots, but my face has