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  1. I had a similar situation a while ago, and here's my advice Keep the area really well covered with 10% bz, and put a really extra heavy paste of bz right on the spots. You can do this day and night, assuming you're wearing sleeves to keep the area covered. Let the bz dry completely before putting your shirt on, or it might bleach it. You skin might get somewhat dry (at least mine did), but I wouldn't try moisturizing just yet (the dryness will keep any additional forming pimples at bay). Hope
  2. I use a 5%, and I think it works pretty well.
  3. I take birth control, and it's helped my skin greatly. I do have breakouts in the "spacer" week, but they're less severe than before I was on the pill. Because I know it's coming, I use extra bz and am really strict about the regimen that week. It really helps to control those breakouts.
  4. Protein shakes increase your testosterone, which may be why you're breaking out when you drink them. It could be other ingredients in the shakes, though.
  5. When you first start using bz, it dries out your skin, which results in extra flakyness and dead skin cells. You actually want that to happen, because you're getting rid of the pimply, injured layers of skin. It could be that these extra skin cells are now causing you to break out. Since it takes a week or two for pimples to form, the time line from when you started with the regimen fits with the breakout you are having now. You should keep up with the regimen for a few more weeks and see what h
  6. I've been using bz for quite a while, and my skin is pretty much clear. But I have overall red skin on my face. It's not irritated, it just looks slightly flushed all the time, or like the skin on my face is just several shades redder than the rest of my body. It's not broken blood vessels. It's so annoying, because I have really fair skin, so the redness really stands out. Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone know what to do about it?
  7. I just started it a few days ago. I think it's helping some, but it's too early to tell for sure. I am encouraged by all the dead skin I pull off my face, even after I exfoliate, and it doesn't irritate my skin at all. I will let you know how it works out after a few weeks.
  8. Hi everyone, I've decided not to continue with this plan, because another user showed me this link http://skinlightening.proboards17.com/inde...&num=1054780952 Basically, it is a message board like this one, but it's about skin lightening. It seems like many of the users have gotten poor results with the godiva products. They say they don't work, and they're cheap (as in quality - watered down and such). I would still like to try this glabridin stuff, just not from this company, so
  9. I think birth control is a good idea - it had quite a hand in cleaing my skin up, then bz did the rest. Are you using enough bz? You have to use quite a bit, especially at night.
  10. Elle- According to the i-godiva website, the lotion is for your body and the cream is for your face, if that helps any.
  11. squeeze the sucker! I've been squeezing out the blackheads on my nose for years, and i've never had any of the ill effects you get when squeezing a pimple. The blackhead just goes away, and that's it. No swelling or anything. I actually think that sqeezing a blackhead is more complicated, but actually easier than popping a pimple. Here's how I do mine: This works best right after you've had a hot shower, bath, or (best of all) a sauna - let your skin cool down first, though (you want the pore
  12. Here are some things you might try: Look for a good, thin bz lotion. You don't want something that's thick for wearing underneath makeup. I really like benzac AC, which is a prescription med (though it costs only a tiny bit more than OTC meds). It's very effective and very thin, and I've found that it works really well under liquid foundation. Look for a foundation/power/whatever you use that's compatible with your bz. I used to use covergirl liquid foundation, but it was total crap over
  13. Glabridin sounds interesting, and I would like to try it. I looked up the prices of glabridin products on i-godiva.com, and they're super cheap but the shipping is so expensive! The shipping gets MUCH cheaper if you order multiple products at one time. Would anyone from the USA be interested in splitting up the costs of an order? As an example, an order of six of their soaps and six of their creams costs this much: Quantity Product
  14. It's not the smoking, technically, that causes acne, but all the grime and tar and crap you get on your face from the smoke. So, if you want to light up and prevent acne at the same time, you just have to wear a paper bag over your head. Ha ha.
  15. Hi, I use Coppertone Oil-Free Faces sunscreen, which is SPF 30. Apply the toner before the bz. The most important benefit to the toner is that it preps your skin for the bz, making it more absorbant. Hope that helps.