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  1. antibiotics work really well for me. i am currently takin septra. but every person reacts differently to antibiotics. your doctor will prolly start you on something simple. bottom line, antibiotics usually work out pretty good. but the long term effects arent always very pretty. good luck though.
  2. While on Differin, your skin becomes sensative to light, thats why doctors prefer you to use it at night. Although, if you do apply it in the morning, be sure to use a good moisturizer w/ sunscreen.
  3. egg whites with a splash of lemon juice.. but i had REALLY bad redmarks.. && i tried everything possible to make them vanish.. but nothing had a REALLY good effect besides all those peels blah blah blah.. but before i knew it.. they faded on their own. but if you cant wait.. just know. be as gentle as possible. b/c if you irritate it.. itll prolly wont fade as fast.
  4. uhm.. usually when i get those kinda pimples, i zap it with some Tea Tree Oil. && within 1-2 days.. its gone. believe me.. TTO works like magic. it'll reduce the size dramatically overnight :]
  5. haha maybe i could be of help. differin does clear out a lot of pores for me.. [ i use differin && its great =P ] but i find that even though differin unclogs some pores i dont exfoliate while using differin, i just learn to live w/ the clogged pores. such a hassle for me to exfoliate. && exfoliating didnt really help much at all. just gonna wait it out n hope differin will eventually clear it up. although.. if you cant wait and and your going to dont over do it.. you might en
  6. haha.. i remember tryin` this.. i used it for a while && it tightened my pores nicely.. although. for some reason.. it caused me to develope a lot of whiteheads && clogged pores. try it, & maybe itll work for you :] it has for a lot of people.
  7. that is so weird.. i just asked that too. im too afraid to test it out on my skin so i use the moisturizer in the morning.. although. i dont like it that way b/c it makes my face oily. -_________- haha. anybody wanna help us?
  8. haha i used BP for about 3 years.. && without noticing it.. it made my face so much worse. ended up.. being allergic to the darn thing. so now.. im using SA. its some good stuff to clear pores && even tighten them if your using it in an astringent form. but i agree.. using them together may be a tad irritating to your skin. if your going to use both.. the best idea is to use BP at night && SA during the day. b/c of the sun.. BP can also/might bleach your skin. hope thi
  9. actually.. lets see. i've had acne since i was about 10. && ive used Differin before, but stopped after two weeks, because impatient me didnt want to wait. but after a while, i decided to give it another try. it was surprising because i heard that there would be an initial breakout.. but my face only improved within the first month. but.. i've had a lot of family members use Differin, && the initial breakout wasn't too bad, b/c retinoids do help quite a bit. the thing with re
  10. oh really? ive been tryin` this for about two days now.. maybe more. iono.. lost count after the first. haha. but anyway.. i think i have oily skin in some areas.. so this is what ive been doin` SA astringent at night.. 15 mins. later apply Differin && in the morning just use a moisturizer. no differin no SA. so far.. iono been breakin` out.. but that always happens. hope its working. although.. the SA has been helpin` clear up my pores. haha.. iono if anyone would read this.. but
  11. thanks for the help guys.. the SA in the astringent last night helped quite a bit. i applied a thin layer of Differin like an hr after.. but yeah. && this morning.. everything looked alright.. so i just applied some moisturizer after i cleansed my face. so far.. no bad effects. hopefully it'll be alright thanks for the help.
  12. sorry.. but i have a question. && its really been buggin` me. for those that have//do use differin.. is it safe to use it with either BP or SA? i just applied some biore triple action astringent.. which contains SA.. && an hr later i applied my differin.. so far so good.. but.. ive been spending the last 1 1/2 tryin` to find the answer on my own.. but i just cant find it can someone please answer my question? thanks for takin` the time to read this.. if you know the ans
  13. thanks everyone :] well.. ive tried. & it actually does help. i still sleep on my side.. but i sleep on my arm instead. haha. so my head never reaches my pillow. or other times i just position it so my face touches the bed & yeah.. it works though. prolly develope a back problem. haha. just kidding. anyways.. thanks again for all the help :]
  14. aw shiet. now gotta make up another excuse. haha.. JUST KiDDiNG ... >> haha yeah. i tried sleepin on my back last night.. ened up on my face. wasnt all too fun. lol thanks again :]
  15. haha damn i thought i was the only one w/ this. but iono what to do.. exfoliating is supposidly gonna irritate skin = bad. && those nasty stringy crap = bad anybody ever notice that all of this stuff contradicts itself? lol