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  1. she'd give me the time of day just because shes really nice. but she's soooooooooo far out of my reach. ive sort of had an on/off crush on her since like 4th grade. im in college now. ive talked to her like 6 times in my life. pathetic. but even on my best days id have trouble talking to her. i think its gotten to the point where its a psycological issue. yeah i suck.
  2. youre huge like my lil bro. cept he was more cut. i was thinking of starting back up. ive been lazy since football season and i havnt really had much time being in college and all. cant really afford supplements either. you know of any cheap lifting supplements? i guess i could just mooch off of my brother. he takes no2, nitrotech and cell tech but all that stuffs pretty expensive. more on topic- lever 2000 is a really good soap. il clears me for the most part, even without a moisturiz
  3. in my opinion it depends on your hiar. buzzed if you dont have a bad receding hairline. spikey if you do. dont grow it out, its just not what a man should do. unless you play guitar or are a lead singer in a metal/rock band, then you can grow it to your elbows and still be considered a dude.
  4. yeah jesus was probably one of those lucky teens "blessed" with a good complection. plus jc prob has a really good gene pool.
  5. where can you get the IMO aspirin mask? im from ireland lol... IMO stands for "in my opinion." it is not a type of aspirin mask.
  6. cool, tell me what they say. anybody else have any input?
  7. oh and i was wondering if IPL would help. what are some of the pros and cons? i found a website, but it just lists the postitives. does it help wiht pimples?
  8. ive looked sunburnt for 2 years and it hasnt really gotten better. it doesnt go away no matter how gentle my personal regimine is. differen made my face pink, but i was burnt a few times while on it, and my cheeks and nose have been red ever since. i stopped using it like a year ago. does that count as hyperpigmentation? or is that like a chemical burn, and how do you help those?
  9. LMAO is this a joke topic?
  10. tell me if anything helps you and how long it takes cause i have the same type of thing
  11. try not to use a bar like that. they tend to be harsh. dove would be ok but deff not dial... ive had bad experiences. and DEFF not a bar that says antibacterial. i have oily skin too. its a pain. theres not much you can do about it cept tane.
  12. i know accutane is known as a "last resort" type of thing but to me thats just bullshit. ive had "medium" acne for years, but the best ive ever been able to do is keep it at a mild, but still noticeable level (pretty much hundreds of small bumps with an occasional whitehead, but tons of oilyness). i never used to be oily, i just had pimples. i dont know what the hell happened. ive looked a lot worse, but the crap still bothers me. i was just wondering if any derms have ever given accutane jus