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  1. Hey everyone, I have just went in for my third needling session yesterday. This time around my skin has not nearly turned as red as the first and second session. I am really looking forward to the next few weeks to analyze anymore progress on my scars. Only time will tell, but till then any questions feel free to ask and I will try the best of my ability to answer them in a timely manner. Good Luck everyone!
  2. Alright everyone it has been approximately one week since my second needling session. As an update, my skin color is back to it's normal color, no more light pinkish color or any sign of needling done on either of my cheeks. The area of my left cheek that was mainly needled to give you all a better idea of the size of the patch of scars. It would be as or almost as equal to an egg placed upon your cheek tilted at a 40-45 degree angle. Noticeably, that sector of the skin is plump, compared to
  3. Okay it's day 4 since my second needling session. My skin still has a "slight" amount of pink color throughout the patch of scars that were needled. Plumpyness still appears, I do notice that the patch of scars that were needled on feels a lot more "firm", and "tight" compared to my right cheek that feels normal and "relaxed". Based on my observation, it's tough to say that the scars have improved yet, but due to the plumpyness it definitely helps with the appearance of the scars. Due to the "
  4. I'll be more than happy to keep you guys updated with my progress. So far, the redness has gone away since thursday afternoon. The red patch of scars that were needled on my left cheek show a "pink" color now. I'm assuming my skin will go back to it's normal color by tomorrow at this rate. One thing that I do notice different since my first needling session was that, now there is a "plumpyness" still present on the sector that was needled. I am aware that the "plump" look is only temporary. I
  5. Yes, she charges $200 an hr. But Let's say you only need a sector of your face done and it will only take 15-20 minutes, she will deduct a percentage out of the amount of time it should only take. She also teaches classes on this skin needling technique, and if anyone was to get their procedure done during her class sessions in front of her students a 50% discount will be given.
  6. Hey everyone, Just to help out anyone who is interested in getting a needling session done in Southern CA. A woman by the name of Susan Church of the International Institute of Permanent Cosmetics located in Irvine/Newport Beach area performs this procedure quite well. I have just finished my 2nd session today, prior to my first session a year ago. My scars consists of rolling and boxcar type scars that I would consider to be shallow. Based on my results, from the first session
  7. Does this method work for shallow scarring as well or only redmarks? This thread is getting to long to read every post. Any feedback would be great. THANKS.
  8. Swift05


    Wow I'm impressed on the type of results you mention getting from performing the saline injections yourself Scorpion.... I'm just curious, what kind if scars do you have? and what type responded well to the injections? Thanks.
  9. hey Rustymetal... How much did you pay for this procedure? It sounds convincing.
  10. Is this a permanent filler? Or how long does this filler last? and the cost for the procedure? Just curious...thanks.
  11. I have shallow boxcar type scars on my cheeks. They look like tiny suacer type scars. Will this procedure improve all types of scars? Or just ice pick type only? thanks.
  12. That concept sounds really interesting..Some guy provokes his skin to break out and when the pimple heals the scar heals as well. *wow..that does make sense in my mind. The only thing is..how would you provoke that particular area alone?..I wouldn't want the smooth skin to break out.
  13. Oh yeah I'm aware that Zulu does the service but the only thing is they charge a 50.00 scheduling fee so on top of the 150.00 the needling costs I will have to pay 200.00 total. Which I don't feel right doing. But thanks anyway.
  14. Desperately trying to find a tattoo parlor who performs skin needling in S. California. more specifically Orange County. Any listings would be great. Thanks.
  15. Swift05


    Does anyone know of a tatoo parlor that does skin needling around the Orange County area. If so I'd really appreciate any locations listed. Thanks.
  16. This message is for Stephfr..... can you specify what actual brand of product you are using to smooth away shallow scars temporarily. I would like to give that product a try since you state that it works so well. Thanks.
  17. Thanks for your comment in return Marytheres. Your explanation couldn't be any better. It covered all corners of the box. By the way, when your finished with your smoothbeam treatments would there be any chance you can post some before/after photos of your progress? Seeing photos from an actual patient from this board is alot more trustworthy as oppose to the pictures on the websites. Since were all here for the same cause, I believe everyone here is sincere with their advice. Thanks.
  18. This message is for Marytheres...I'm glad to hear that your getting results, as a matter of fact your feed back is very encouraging. As an actual patient regarding smoothbeam treatments. I was just wondering how old do scars have to be in order to not improve? Since you mention that the old ones aren't responding. Could it be because they are deep? I'd appreciate your feedback or anyones feedback. I would just like to get a broaden understanding on what type of scars will improve. In my cas
  19. I appreciate everyones feed back on their progress with smoothbeam. But out of curiousity...Once the swelling goes down I understand that theirs improvement seen. I wouldn't consider calculating improvement while the skin is swollen because it wouldn't be accurate. How much improvement would you guys say is noticed after the swelling goes down? Lets say after...the second, third, or perhaps even fourth smoothbeam treatement? Any feed back would be appreciated..Thanks.
  20. I'm sure your chances of recieving improvement from all the options available on this board is just as equal as anybody elses skin here regardless of skin type. So I suggest just browsing through the board and see which treatment would be best to diagnos your type of scarring. Good Luck.
  21. This treatment sounds very convincing, although I tried calling different clinics in my area, Orange County CA. I was not able to find a place who performs smoothbeam. I was told by one of the dermatologists that they did not offer smoothbeam for facial acne scars because its only FDA approved for the back. I was astonished to hear that. So instead she proposed the V-beam. If you go to the smoothbeam website the manufacturer is identical to the V-beam laser. The only thing is I'm more co
  22. Swift05


    Out of curiousity, After one treatment of needling would it be possible to notice improvement on shallow boxcar type scars? Or would it require more? Thanks.