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  1. Some sources suggested that taking all of your daily vitamins and minerals at once is not healthy so yes I would agree a natural dietary source would be better. It would also be better to actually eat all of the vegetables and herbs in their natural forms, but can you imagine the cost and time it would take to eat all those things for an average person? This course is designed to supplement the average diet in order to keep the body healthy. *Leon* =D
  2. I haven't been online in a while and I have to say I'm shcoked people are still posting. Its good to see my positive results worked for lots of other people too. In response to earlier questions about onions and sulphur then yes these pills did replace those as a source of many supplements. I came online after doing some more research and I've now posted my entire supplement course and regimen for everyone to see. Its taken a long time to develop so I hope people will take the positive results
  3. Its been a while since I last posted while I researched nutritional supplements and tried out various ones. The course I've posted here will give clear skin to the whole body and many other health benefits. I've found I don't catch sickness easily and sleep is much better too. The solution to external problems like acne is for most people internal. There are lots of substances the body can't produce and needs from diet that we simply don't get. EFA's, Amino Acids, Micronutrients etc. Digestion
  4. Before I started taking vegetable pills I had moderate acne. Between 3 and 5 large red inflamed pimples on my cheeks / lower face. Whiteheads that often became red and inflamed on my forehead and nose. Small red pimples on my neck, shoulders, and upper back. I started the St Johns Wort after it was recommended by my psychologist at the time. Its used as a herbal alternative to pharmaceutical antidepressants. My skin cleared up some after starting it so I took more and saw a good improvement. I
  5. Wow I'm not going to try quoting your previous post ^ but it may as well have been lifted from some inspirational book. You put everything into context from this whole thread, so for anyone reading this just read the post above and you'll be up to speed. We should really rename this thread to something like "the power of veggies" but nobody would read about stuff they can get from the pantry, LoL. AutonomousOne1980 its good that you speak your mind. Sometimes people get bogged down in details a
  6. Yeah "100% clear" means I haven't had any new pimples since starting vege pills. The pimples I had before all healed weeks ago. *Leon*
  7. A lot of people are asking the same question about vege pills. "What are the results?" In a nutshell they are a natural supplement to provide nutrients you're probably not getting. There are lots of things you need to stay healthy and have good skin, but chances are vege pills will cover a lot of them. If getting those nutrients (not just vitamins and minerals) means good skin, then yes like most of us you will see great results. I have a terrible diet. I never eat fruit or vegetables unless
  8. Hey all! Just a quick message but basically I went out drinking like there was no tomorrow last night and I haven't broken out from it. The vege pills really are amazing. Usually when I go out I break out from the alcohol and from like crashing without a shower. Its great to have the freedom not to worry about your skin and do what you enjoy. *Leon* =D
  9. The label says the "Maximum Greens - Ultra Mega Green" capsules from GNC don't have dehydrated vegetables in them. Rather than taking the whole vegetable they extract some of the compounds they believe are benificial to health. It could work too, but I still think scientists have a long way to go before we fully understand everything about the body and whats in our food. Just updating to say as usual the capsules are keeping me clear. Life is good, LoL. xtr3m