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  1. yeah use TGel but the sensitive one doesnt work, you have to use the smelly brown coal tar one
  2. washcloths should be changed daily cos they harbour bacteria so when i ran out cos they were all in the wash i converted to a bare hands washer. its called a flannel her in the UK NoIDontHave...!!!
  3. I can't find any photos pre-tane, my computers memory got wiped since. Mid-tane - I was on holiday and it sucked so bad... The day I finished tane; And now (scuse the hair, it dried naturally and my sis managed to catch me on camera!) Im quite impressed with the improvement and it was worth the pain and money all the way.
  4. i would rather he had no std...the though appalls me really...but i dont go for looks. im the kind of girl who suffered from people doing that so I wouldnt be lying by saying I go for personality...
  5. Im British...Worthing? I dont really know...the UK isnt all its cracked up to be, its pretty lame actually, I hate living here. Id rather be in the US or Aussie or something. Akira is mostly right so dont come to Lincolnshire but North Yorkshire and places like that are mostly OK...
  6. yeah i went private as well, it does cost a bomb. apparently if you do go through the NHS you have to prove that you need it by going through councelling and all sorts...
  7. by the way, if you are in the UK did you get roaccutane on the NHS or private?
  8. i read this and i can really empathise, I got acne age 9, and had it til I got roaccutane last year so I had all those years of bullying and I know its hard. I also got bullied for getting good marks in school. Thats becuase I got so down that I shut myself away and school work was the only thing I knew I could do. Are you in the UK as well? If so, maybe my log will help. Im a few years older and in 2nd year at college at the mo but im one of they youngest in my year. The products and all that
  9. fall out boy, coheed and cambria, bullet..., avril lavigne, jimmy eat world, the used... As much as I hate people taking the piss outta emos, this is actually really funny! ROFL good stuff.