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  1. okay thought id post an update since im logged in... its DAY 128 and i have to say my skin hasnt changed much from the last post. i very happy and satisfied with the results up till now. again nothing has worked for me as well as the clear skin regimen has. i can finally use something that will produce results untill the day i grow out of acne, which i hope will be sometime soon!
  2. ahn young rose! i think it still way to "early" into the regimen so dont get discouraged or stressed out. just stick with it for another 2 months and you will be clear. i dont think you really have to wait 30 minutes to apply the moisturizer. i know that in the beginning when i started i waited around that long but now i sometimes just put it on almost right away after or at least a couple minutes after cause i get impatient. if you are wondering my acne migrates, its because from what ive
  3. im following the clear skin regimen so im using cetaphil cleanser, BP, and cetaphil spf 15 moisturizer.
  4. i use it and love it! i like how it bubbles up a little rather then the slimy feel of the regular cleanser.
  5. wow its been such a long time since my last post. thought id post an update for yall. Day 115 well i have to say that my face has never been clearer. I still get the odd small pimples a few times a week but they dont last very long. I still apply a "full finger" of BP all over my face twice a day which is what keeps the breakouts at a minimal. For any of you that are still breaking out alot, make sure you consistently apply LOADS of BP all over your face.
  6. Day 96 Well its been awhile since ive posted any updates. The holiday season has been keeping me pretty busy. My face has been doing pretty good as usual...i still get the odd pimple every few days but they dont last long cause i just pop them as soon as they feel ready. I wish there was something for red marks but only time can heal them as we all now. Hope everyone had a merry christmas and have a happy new year!
  7. Ya i totally agree with yall that the BP makes the healing time for red marks alot longer than usual. It seems like the red marks arent fading!
  8. bobbi - well aslong as its working for you..dont let me stop ya. I like to just spot treat with bp after i moisturize just incase i wipe away alot of the bp as im massaging the bp in. but ya maybe ill try your method one day if i can get around to it. thanks for the updates though. Day 83- things are still looking pretty good, which is the same as usual... ive gotten a couple new pimples below my ears far back on my cheeks and a couple tiny ones on my face. i always seem to get pimples in
  9. bobbi - are you sure the reason one of the pimples went away in 2 days was just because you popped it? I notice that when i pop a pimple that is ready..its goes away in a bout 2 days..but im left with a red mark. And the one you didnt pop was really deep under the skin so the TTO maybe had no effect? ya im glad with my results..but its always the same.. a pimple here and there every couple days. but like you put it..better then 10.
  10. Whats up canadian dude... if you dont like the neutrogena on the spot balling up ... you should try solugel 4%. Its available at shoppers drug mart. I've been using that for my regimen and it works great. check my progress if you wanna know how it has worked for me. [email protected]
  11. Day - 81 I am almost at the 12 week mark and my face is looking great. Major improvement since starting the regimen as i have stated many time before. The red marks take forever to heal so its very important that i the breakouts are kept at a minimal. Overall I am very satisfied with the outcome and nothing has worked this well in the past next to accutane. I few pimples a week is alot better then 10-20 a week. I can easily cover them up using my sisters concealer.
  12. OH ya.. i got my crown put in yesterday! whooo hooo
  13. bobbi - how is the tea tree oil thing working out? is it still working well for you? Day - 77 Over the past couple days i got three new pimples on my left temple. I popped all three since they were ready to explode. I think popping is better the leaving them alone, especially if they are ready to be popped. I noticed that it takes alot longer for the pimple to heal if i leave the pimple to go away on its own. The pimple turns hard and the puss dries out but is still under the skin. Remov
  14. Bobbi45 - Yup I knew i jinxed myself cause today i have 2 new pimples. They are small and red but still a pain in the ass. I doubt i will ever be able to stop the small breakouts im getting now. I honestly believe that this is as good as its gonna get, but im still gonna keep following the regimen cause its the only thing that works in keeping the acne under control. I blame my dad for all the acne since he had it into his late 20's. He told me that when i get married, all my acne will go a
  15. Day 73 Today my face is actually has no active pimples which is great...since its very rare that i do not have active ones on my face. Im pretty sure i just jinxed myself and by tonight or by tomorrow morning there will be new spots on my face...just a prediction from past experiences... anyways... red marks are still fading reallllllllllllly slowly...the new spots just keep adding to the olds ones... i wish the marks would heal faster... i actually just started drinking a few cups of green t