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  1. i hope u never clear up, as soon as ur a rasiste! and u never will!!

    1. to be honest i wouldnt feel good (i also have mild scars)
    2. its my fault because i did some mistakes. but i couldnt know?
    3. bp sux it made me 2 wrinkles and im killing them with my the lotion cream
    4. vaseline is the worst thing you can put on your face
    5. although your face is a bit red.. i would buy your face!!! no scars
    6. ok so today was my first time at the derm and he prescribed me retin-a 0.25 mg and some salystic acid.. and he also said that retin-a will help a bit to my signs( scars and red marks..)
    7. I Have: acne, some acne scars and marks, Pectus Excavatum( u cant take your shirt off because bacne, well i cant because of this) and I also have eye problems: glasses and a lot of ANNOYING FLOATERS!! now your problems seems smaller right?
    8. i cant use bp 5% on my face its just too much and it made me: wrinkle, dry, peel, bad healing and maybe scars?
    9. its also awful in the morning. i like my face being oily because the redness is less noticeable
    10. i have acne on forehead& few on back maybe i shouldnt use shampoo?