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  1. I need some advice. For the past year i very rarely even had any inflamed zits, but yesterday i got a huge cyst on my left temple, which happens to be my most scarred area on my face. I tried putting ice on it continuously during the day, but that didnt help. The only thing i care about is not getting a scar from this thing. It can stay on my face for a month if it wants to but i want to avoid a scar any way possible. What can i do to make it go away and minimize the chance of scarring? I go
  2. Been using this soap for a week and although i did get few pimples here and there, my face is looking its best in last 4 years. This soap is so good, it makes me wanna meet Burt and have passionate male sex with him. (well not really, but this soap really is great)
  3. drugstore.com($8) vitaminshoppe.com($7.20) (where i got mine) i'm pretty sure they deliver overseas, just have to pay more for shipping.
  4. It looks that red because of BP. I had the same probloem when i was on the regimen about a year ago, it would irritate my skin and make zits very red and irritated while bleaching the skin around it, which made it look 10x worse than it really was. Your acne is not that bad in the first place, and stopping BP will make it blend in with the skin more and look a lot better(if you dont mind few extra pimples of course).
  5. sugar in fruits is not bad for you at all. many people mistake it for the same thing as regular white sugar you put in your coffee. when you eat fruit, your body has to first break it down and extract the sugar out of it, which takes some time so you dont get a sudden insulin spike, its gradual. when you eat granulated sugar with any food or beverage with added sugar, this happens a lot faster because sugar is not "part" of the food but an added component, its less work for the stomach and get
  6. I made a thread about this a while back. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...topic=35079&hl= its never too late to change.
  7. I agree. And take it from a guy...when we see a girl, there are numerous body parts we look at before even noticing how clear the girl's face is. So work on those other places and you'll be fine. And for guys its all about clothes and how you carry yourself. Both can be improved fairly easily.
  8. I drank and smoked weed a LOT 2-3 years back. While you're buzzed, life is great and simple. But once you get sober and return to the bullshit reality, it seems even worse by contrast. Lesson: Dont ever get sober
  9. I almost always had these white spots, not a lot but at least a couple at a time. Doctor once told me it was some vitamin deficiency, forgot which. Though i remember taking a multi-vitamin for a while and didnt notice any new white spots during that time. Its really not a big deal, nothing serious.
  10. I've been using cetaphil bar for few years already. cant say that i love it, but its the best thing that i've tried so far(waiting for that burt's bees bar in the mail). it doesnt clean up oil nearly as well as soap-based products, but thats also the reason why it's not as irritating as regular soap. have to compromise one thing to get another i guess.
  11. I drink milk almost every day and it has no effect on my skin.
  12. After years of using Cetaphil bar, i decided i'll try this one. My acne is mostly under control, but at the same time complexion could not be worse. Oily skin especially t-zone, sensitive-oily skin, very uneven and blotchy at times, think this will help my situation? I just ordered the bar yesterday, should get it soon.