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  1. That's great that your skin is clear. My skin is clear, but I am just waiting for these red marks/scars to go away. It's taking forever.
  2. Not much to report. I still have red marks. No pimples. I really hope these red marks go cause I have to take a picture soon .
  3. no whiteheads....just red marks still.
  4. whiteheads gone. redmarks slowly fading. that's about it.
  5. I woke up with 2 medium sized whiteheads. I applied BP so hopefully they will go away. My scars are the same. Not much to report.
  6. Good news! I have been putting the regimen on once a day and even though I know you are suppose to put it on twice a day, it is working! When I started using it twice a day, my face would peel and it was embarrasing cause the peeling could be seen through my makeup. So, I just put it once a day. I am not fighting pimples and whiteheads currently, I am just using this regimen to prevent them now and to slowly fade the red marks. My red marks/scars are very obvious and ugly without makeup, b
  7. So I restarted the regimen after a break of a couple days. I am on day 4. My face is okay-no pimples, just lots of scars/red marks. My face is still dry when I don't use the purpose soap. I am going to get cetaphil I think. So I am hoping the red marks will fade away soon. Does anyone know a store we can get AHA besides shopping online and walgreens (I don't think I have one near me)?
  8. So I had to wait till my face healed from all that peeling. I will start the regimen again, but using less BP. I am looking where to get the basis soap bar because the purpose soap bar is what caused all the peeling. I will apply the regimen to my forehead(which has cleared up well-just some red marks left) and my cheeks.
  9. Yeah, I read on the website that many people felt the purpose soap was overdrying but of course I never thought it would happen to me. I always thought I had very oily skin. Right now, I my skin is still dry. A lot of my old skin peeled off. I have no whiteheads. I just have some scars and redmarks left. I am thinking if I use the purpose soap, it will scrub off some of the red marks like it did a couple days before. I will use the regimen if I start to get whiteheads again. But, right
  10. Okay so things were going really well. All my whiteheads cleared up. However, my skin became really dry ( I am thinking that is from the purpose soap I use) and my skin is peeling. I decided to stop the regimen for some days because even though I have only used 1/3 of a finger of BP, it is too much for my very very dry skin. I am pretty much hoping for the red marks to go. I will start the regimen again in a couple of days cause it got rid of my whiteheads in a heartbeat.
  11. I read that some of you do not use foundation, but use pressed powder. What brand of pressed powder do you use? I am using Cover girl foundation right now, but I am getting clumps of dried/excess bp gel when I apply my foundation after I moisturize, so maybe pressed powder is the way to go?
  12. Day 2 Update Yesterday, I did the same steps. My skin has cleared up a bit. I think all the little pimples I have had are going away. I still have red marks; however, some of them are fading and my current whiteheads are being dried out. So far so good. My face is a bit dry, but that doesn't bother me. Does anyone put makeup after they put the moisturizer? I put cover girl foundation (nonocomedogenic and hypoallergenic) on and I got some white flakes on my skin. I guess that is the BP ge
  13. I started getting acne about 6 years ago. It was really bad and my face was always oily. I use to pop the whiteheads (I know, really bad), but it was so tempting and disguisting to look at something protruding from my face. If I would have know that it would leave red marks that I still have today, I wouldn't have done it. Anyway, I tried to control my oily skin on and off with so many over the counter medications (the clinique line, neurogena, nozema, clean and clear, etc.). Then, I went t
  14. Just an update: I finally got the gel. I will begin to use it in September. I don't want to start now because I am too busy and I don't want to skip treatments or not follow the steps properly. So I will be applying St. Ives Scrub to keep my acne under control (hopefully).
  15. I ordered on July 2nd and yes I understand it was the 4th of July weekend. It took about a week and a half to receive any response. I just got an email saying it was shipped and will arrive in 3-14 days! It is July 15th and I have not received it yet. I am really busy now until end of August so I have decided not to start the regimen until September (if I ever get the BP gel in the first place) because I don't think I will be able to strictly follow the regimen. I wish I would have gotten t