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  1. lol.... I didn't "ACTUALLY" give up until January 2009 Don't believe everything you hear.
  2. I registered to this forum in 2005 This was when I was depressed. This was when I took action. This is when I took control and used Isotane. It's the only cure. Listen to your GP and only take what is advised.
  3. gave me the motive to give up straight away
  4. Smoking slows healing A new study outlines the way that cigarette smoke may delay the formation of healing tissue on wounds. Previous research demonstrated that cigarette smoke slows wound healing and increases the risk of scarring. In this new study, researchers at the University of California, Riverside, used mice and human cell cultures to examine the effect of cigarette smoke on fibroblasts - cells that migrate to wounds to create healing tissue. Fibroblasts play a vital role in tissue
  5. its not as bad as drinking but your liver still has to kill the bad chemicals that marijuana provides. It's not a good idea and you will notice that you will break out since you have just started your course and the fact that you're on a high dosage... wait another couple of months and then start doing it... weed only affected my accutane usage at the start but when the excess was dead my skin was all good the day after the sesh.
  6. accutane makes your dick unerrectable at the start of your course
  7. i had one more little bump left..... so i took 200mgs to try and get rid of it.... its almost gone now.... i took 110mgs in 1 day.....
  8. i can be treated with laser though????.... i went back on accutane just for about 20 pills....... hope that 6 months didnt reset
  9. Progress pictures. Well.... Its been a month since my last pictures and I thought I may as well add some updated pictures so I can show my progress. I think I'm healing but very slowly. I dont know if the tobacco is affecting my health in such a way that my skin is healing slower. If I can find a definit answer that tobacco slows down the healing process I will quit smoking in a jiffy. I have taken a small dosage of accutane to help get rid of the last small bump and I think it's working - one
  10. Just curious to know if smoking tobacco can slow down the healing of red marks... maybe because it's unhealthy? Can somebody compose an answer for this pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaseeeeeeeeee - i'm much desperate.
  11. oh well... ive just come to the conclusion that things happen for a reason. I think something is watching us individually and dictating our lives based on good/bad thenafter creating destiny. So in other words, bad things happen to bad people and I think i'm in that catagory. I'm going 2 be remain recluse for the next 6 months. I'm sick of my so called friends pointing out my so called "pimples" (even when its just marks) infront of chicks. I'm just getting depressed I guess you could say. I alw
  12. will weed affect the ability for the skin to heal efficiently in relation to the fact that i'm still "techniqually" on accutane.
  13. I'm just using moisturisor 2 or 3 times per day. It's been about 3-4 months since the breakout... never had anything there before accutane which makes me wonder. How long have you had it?