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  1. So occasionally I get a zit on the edge of my lip. I hate these the most cause they look like cold sores! Anyways I always put bp on them not only to help get rid of them but it covers the redness a little. But i've noticed the bp aggravates it and it peels. Idiot me always peels the dead skin! Underneath always reveals like a red burn/scab (even after the pimple is gone, Whats the best way to heal this scab? Neosporin? Hydrocortisone? I'm always tempted to put dan bp back on cause it hides the
  2. I have been on accutane (myorisan) for about 7 months, 5 at 40mg and 2 months on 80 mg (160 lbs male) Anyways in the last month I've developed a slight redness around the bottom lip, it almost looks like pimples or coldsores but I know they're not! I've been on Dr dans cortibalm for a few months and it has hydrocortisone in it and I'm thinking that might be the culprit. However that's the only thing that works on my lips! But the bottom of my lips look like a nightmare. I even moisturize the edg
  3. I did I used it this morning, i dont mind the not lathering, i just feel its a little much to rinse off. And I only put the bp on my major problem areas today, and moisturizer of course, howevever I didnt use bp or moisturizer on my forehead or lower cheeks/chin/jaw area. I did use a dap of Tea tree oil, on a spot on my chin Oh yes I will be drinkin loads of water along with my vitamins, and healthy diet
  4. it would feel so weird not using any soap, thats why i got cetaphil, but im wondering if maybe thats too much?
  5. its usually not that red, but thats what mad me want to do this, that pic! Thats why im gonna slowly get myself off of it so my my skin can adjust. Do you know of any good natural cleansers?
  6. Ive been on the regimen for 9 yrs. I guess you could say Im fed up with with it, my skin is pretty clear, so thats good, but its always red and irritated, and flakey. So im gonna try and ween myself off of it. Im gonna start not using the regimen on my forehead, and chin/jaw. But my worst breakout areas are my nose and upper cheeks, its also the most oilyest, so i will still use it there for a lil while. My diet will be good. water only, no prossessed carbs, no bread, no dairy, no caffeine,
  7. Its funny how all shirts can be made out of cotton, but some bleach, and some dont, I have 5 yr old shirts that are not bleached, and brand new ones that look hideous
  8. Yea but its the healthiest most calorie dense food for building muscle that shouldnt make your skin worse
  9. Yes I do agree with you..It's exactly what I am thinking of..It is just like glue which easily sticks but moisturizer doesn't work until you do some movements like eating,smiling and other..But if we start using it more than two times in a day,It can work... exactly and the more time that goes on itl soak in more..and your skin wont get flakes as bad
  10. 6 oz. of lean steak has anywhere from 350-450 cal. depending on the cut...that aint bad. and thats just one meal. I assume youll be eating 5-7 You could easily pull in 1200 in calories just from meat alone
  11. in the beginning the moisturizer just kinda "glues" the flakes down to where you cant see them. Until you smile, eat, something to stetch your skin, then they will stand back up. Just keep usin moisturizer and theyll get better
  12. i think your fine as long as your not goin over 200g of protein a day, and dependin on your weight you could definetly get away with 150g or less. I think oatmeal does contain a LIttle bit of gluten, not like bread, but there are gluten free options. You gotta weigh it all out, heathy fats are expensive, so you cant load up on those for calories, you dont want to many carbs to aggravate your skin, so basically you gotta rely on the meat to bring in your calories. Lean ground beef, and cheap lean
  13. I would keep the brown rice, if you eat too much obviously itl spike your blood sugar, so in that case eat it shortly after or before a workout. Id eat most of your carbs in the beginning of the day. I would only eat maybe 2 sml sweet potatoes a day. 1000+ cal in swt potatoes? your basically wanting 40-50% of your daily calories to be swt potatoes..while the GI isnt as bad as white potates, there still starchy. You only need 2300 calories a day. Eat alot of meat+eggs, that covers about half your
  14. its different for eveybody. i dont think anyone can do the regimen in 10 minutes unless your doin shortcuts. you gotta wait atleast 5 min after you wash, 5 min it takes to apply the gel, then you gotta wait atleast 10 for the bp to fully absorb, and the 2 minutes it takes to apply your moisturizer/aha..so thats a grand total of-22 minutes (17 if u only wait 5 min after bp) So how people are doing it 10 min is beyond me Unless! they apply only a little bp, which would mean they dont get dry
  15. yea i guess their more knowledgeable..but its all the same with doctors. Theyre hand in hand with the pharm. companies. So their gonna get you on the latest drug to mask a problem. Medical doctors, derms. IDK i never really trusted them. I guess i dont mind the time i put into applying creams, cause im used to it by now, and i dont mind spending money if it does work. I just hate replacing clothes. You got that 1 favorite shirt that fits just perfect! And then it gets stained by bp! That