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  1. I know that you said that Clinique didn't work for you but I really like the superfit line from clinique. Also, be aware that just because something says that it is oil free does not mean it is non-comedogenic which is what you should really worry about!
  2. I recommend to anyone having problems with these damned red marks to try phiosophy's on a clear day H2O2. It is a peroxide formula and I love it! I had horrible redmarks that NO makeup would cover and I bought this stuff a month ago and I love it. The red marks are almost all gone! The peroxide helps to combat upcoming breakouts and I believe it has a bleaching effect on the skin. Knock on wood I haven't had a break out since starting with the H2O2. My monthly breakouts have been sustantia
  3. You need Tazorac and you may need you switch moisturizers. I think cetaphil made my skin worse and it felt greasy. I like SolBar spf50, I thought it was great as a moisturizer. Go to philosophy's website and buy Hope and a Prayer. Mix it with you moisturizer and you will get results! www.philosophy.com www.dermstore.com (solbar) Keep you chin up!
  4. If you can get Azelex with the Tazorac helps, they are both made by the same company. Another product that helped me more than anything is a product made by philosophy...hope and a prayer. www.philosophy.com Try it, I promise you will see great changes!
  5. The Power Shower by Philosophy...www.philosophy.com It is made of clay and it helps.
  6. I had absolutely fabulous results with Tazorac. Originally (back in Oct.) I was supposed to be using doxy with it BUT I found it just made things worse and once I stopped using the anibiotic Tazorac cleared me up immediately! I have been clear ever since. My acne was primarily on my cheeks and on either side of my mouth/chin area. It was like hard lumps under my skin and it hurt. My face looked swollen from the acne. I think if you stick with the Tazorac you'll be happy! Those damn re
  7. Maybe you should look at your scars as a sign of courage or even an accomplishment...they show that you have survived something you had no control over! Remember it can always be worse, someone always has it worse than you!
  8. Have you ever been to the dentist and they clean your teeth with that baking soda spray and after they are done you are cursing them in your head because your lips feel like they are going to crack open??? Baking soda is used as an abrasive to CLEAN...not as an exfoliant. You need to go to the store and buy and exfoliator and get over your fear of moisturizers. That is the only thin aht is going to help you. If you think most moisturizers make you feel shiny and greasy the call your dermatol
  9. I only breakout in one or two spots on my cheeks. This is where my main problem was to begin with. It only happens if I do something that causes me to sweat. If I just do an hour of Yoga I have no problem. I work out at home so it isn't like I don't jump in the shower immediately. This is the only time I get A zit now.
  10. I have used Plexion since the beginning of my ordeal. I like it. I think it has really helped to dry everything up. Sometimes I find it to be too drying but overall I think you'll be happy. I don't feel that it has helped with the redness.
  11. I am guessing that this is your first go around...if you have never been on acne meds before you should know, it gets worse before it gets better. You are probably going to get worse for the next couple of weeks. It really sucks but this is the way it works. Do not let yourself get discouraged. Also, know that most people have to try more than once to get the correct combo of drugs that work for that person. Best of luck!
  12. I am taking Ortho-tricyclen. I was taking some other bc but my dermatologist thought I should switch. I don't know that it has or has not helped as far as acne, but I can tell you that I am fairly sensitive stomach and I have had no problems. I do take it at nigh though so that I sleep through any nausea. Are you using any other meds of fight your acne? I believe that my acne is possibly hormonal. It was mostly on my cheeks and on either side of my chin. Luckily it is gone now!!!!!!!!
  13. I love Azalex cream! I have been using it in conjunction with Tazorac and I love the results. My skin is clear of breakouts and now I am hoping the Azalex will help with the dreaded red marks!!! I highly recommend both of these products.
  14. The Klaron is supposed to help you maintain moisture while you are using the other topicals and the antibiotics. It does a very good job in my opinion. It is also supposed to help pull the redness that is left over in the skin after the blemish starts to heal...As I am sure you will find out now that you are on your way to clearing up, the dreaded red marks suck!!!!!! Klaron helps but it seems like nothing works fast enough, i.e. overnight. Keep in mind when antibiotics are involved it usual
  15. I moisturize my face right after I wash and wait a half hour or so before I put the tazorac on. Make sure that your moisurizer says that it is noncomedogenic and/or oil free. If you use something that does not say this you will breakout. If you have a Walmart or Hy-vee...a store with a pharmacy ask them for DML or Complex 15. Both are great and will help your skin tremendously. Cetaphil lotion sucks, I agree. Exfoliator: Try Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle scrub, oil free. I use it ever