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  1. I did not get a 100% cure but it decreased my acne substantially, down to acceptable levels and has since improved.
  2. Hi stee, After 2nd round, your acne is improved? Regards, Pablo
  3. you're experiencing the initial breakout from accutane, almost everyone experiences this breakout! its normal :surprised: most people start feeling change after about a month or two, it really depends on the person, just stick with accutane and you will get clear! =D
  4. Might not be good to use BP from now on during your treatment, your skin is sensitive and thinner since you're on accutane so I think it would be okay to just let your face heal by itself with the help of accutane.
  5. Good luck, you seem to be in the same situation as I was last year =0 I just got my accutane with a week left of summertime and had to go to school =( Hang in there! Accutane may be a miracle drug but it takes time and patience until it runs its full course =D
  6. you don't need accutane if you decide to go on it however, blood tests are needed every month before they represcribe more pills, and the price ranges on whether or not you have generic or brand name accutane. without insurance you'd be looking at about 300 dollars a month for accutane
  7. man necromancer you are so cool =D
  8. ive had lots of nosebleeds when i took accutane, its a common side effect. it seems to come and go, i would nose bleed a few times in a span of one week then never experience another nosebleed for a couple of weeks. hang in there unless your side effects get too hard to handle
  9. i believe acnefree is a somewhat copy of proactiv only cheaper
  10. how do i treat nodules? i have like a shiny patch of raised red skin that doesnt have a head, it resembles a keloid but its not a scar OR a cyst any idea how to make it go away faster? should i slather BP on it or would ignoring it help more?
  11. that.... does not look like a cyst go to the doctor i wouldnt mess with it if i were you but if you do you have no one to blame but yourself
  12. hes just asking if those are cysts