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  1. Onion, garlic, turmeric are all high in sulfur...perhaps your body is not efficient in removing sulfites or converting them to sulfates
  2. Hmm, interesting, what did she use to recover? Also were the large pores localized to a specific area?
  3. Is subcision still considered ineffective for ice pick scarring? Just a note, I did 2 aggressive dermarolling in 2009, used numbing cream and all that back then...I noticed my ice picks for shallower and many remodeled into different types of scars, like boxscars
  4. What do you mean keep microneedling away?
  5. Hi all, I see a few folks mention that retinols should be avoided regarding AMVC, is that the consensus? Or is it just stronger products like retin-a? I am because I currently use green cream level 9 every other day and use Jason vitamin c hyper serum in between (alternating). Also those that speak about itching and crawling on the skin/eye brows, look into demodex
  6. Welshy, long time poster here, havent posted in a while, but I was one of those who experimented long ago with dermarolling, fish oil, demodex treatments etc, and saw your post and wanted to connect with you regarding what sounds like spontaneous scarring (which I had a serious bout with, you can check my old posts), to over simplify, it was triggered by chemicals which were converting to hydroquione on my skin, causing it to thin and scar spontaneously (on top of scarring from my late teens tri
  7. Mr. Matt or anyone else familiar with subcision, any recommendations for a good doctor in the NYC/NJ area? I am about too book one for multiple treatments but am torn, as I would like to take a shot with a reputable one. Thanks in advance guys
  8. hey Den, glad to see you trying the 'needling' method...but to let you know it takes quite a bit of time to get results, 4-6 months to see real benefits I am not even there, just 3.5 months in myself...but you will def notice scar remodeling within the first 2 months
  9. I would say go with 1.5mm dermarolling, with a strong retin-a (unless you are sensitive to it, then start with a weaker retinol, like Green Cream) and a Vitamin C Serum Also use red LEDs (660/880 nm wavelength) to help progress along
  10. I think those are for immediate scar treatment or from hypertrophic scars (merderma's use)...as in both situations, stopping fibroblasts production may reduce chances of scarring, as in other regular dermal tissues may form
  11. Very interesting lamarr, did you read this somewhere or is it from your own experience?
  12. Hey, Needling vs rolling...I use a combination therapy for my cheeks...nose is only needling for obvious reasons...as for cheeks, I cannot do without the rolling (after needling the larger scars) I would def look into alternating C and A, this was recommended to me by Boski from EDS...its to help reduce chances of saturation or inhibition of sorts from a particular topical For nose needling, dont go nuts...pull the skin taut and hit angle with a VERY thin gauge needle...I am now doing like 5-
  13. Hey sosowie, Yes I am, however for 1-2 weeks after the roll, my skin def looks worse and beat up Needling however has much less down time, looking only swollen and irate for like 3-4 days max The vitamin A I used that was clogging was from 302 skincare products, I now use Green Cream for my retinol, its the level 6 product (very good topical btw)... I think I went a bit too aggressive on my right cheek, as the darker peely skin is lasting longer (still here 1 week after roll), most has peele
  14. It has happened to me...and I think any remodeling that occurs along with reduced scar depth is very beneficial Most of my scars that were deep ice picks had been affected...they are wider, much less like ice picks and more like boxscars...but best of all...they are much less deep
  15. They have the same concept, but are different devices the dermarollers allow for multiple punctures within scarred tissue, and cause a much more overall healing response needling lets you treat individual scars and allows for better depth control and puncture angles...I like use both in conjunction, but there are areas of the face where you can only needle, like the nose I use them both to treat ice picks and boxscars, someone else might be able to help you more for your issue...one thing tha