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  1. Maybe you need to try applying more BP... It's 2 weeks to the date and my skin is clearing up a LOT. Mostly just remaining redmarks and stuff from previous acne.
  2. Get some Neutrogena Acne On-the-spot and start with that until your gel arrives if you want to get going right away. It only took a few days for me.
  3. After my first night & day of using it I'm VERY happy. I think my face feels better wearing it & I feel more confident knowing that when im dripping sweat that it's not all white like it used to be. I even checked a few times and it's not! And my face is even starting to clear up pretty nicely. I love the way the gel feels when im putting it on also. I'm so excited!
  4. I started the regimen around two weeks ago using Neutrogena on the spot, and on Jul 1st I ordered a dan's bp gel bottle. Today it arrived and I'm about to use it for the first time. I'm so excited about it because in the Georgia heat I sweat a lot and the Neutrogena leaves runny white residue which is slightly embarassing. I'll let you know how it goes