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  1. Hey everyone. My doctor just prescribed Differin for me a couple of weeks ago, along with these pills (forget what it's called, they're little pinkish capsules). Anyways..I heard that it can make your face worse before it gets better-for as long as 2 months! I used it for a few days and my face looked AWFUL...What should I do? Keep using it or not? I just got some extra strength Proactiv, and that worked wonders for me the few days I used it (it's really cold out here and my skin couldn't handle
  2. Hmm...Actually no, I'm not trying to get anyone mad, and I'm not lying. I was just posting my success with it so that others could try it too...Geez ~Kaylee
  3. Hey everybody I've posted here before, but haven't been on in quite a while...Anywho, I just wanted to tell you all about my great experience with Tetracycline. My doctor prescribed it for me because sometimes I get that polycystic acne (or somethin like that, lol) and just for all the other little zits I get. It's just a pill you take that kills bacteria from the inside out, on your face, I guess. For the first two weeks, you take it twice a day..That's when I saw the most improvement. It w
  4. Hey everybody I just wanted to post about some good results I've had with Tetracycline..Has anyone else been on this? How has it helped you? Well, my doctor prescribed this for me about 2 weeks ago, and my face was actually pretty clear, until i broke out lol...Stupid hormones #-o But anyways..Those are clearing up..And today when I looked at my face I noticed that my red marks look A LOT lighter! Some look like they've even disappeared.. My mom looked at my face, and she was like "wow you
  5. Hey everyone! I've been reading these boards for a while and decided to join... I hope you can help me out! welll I'm just wondering what treatment would work best for my kind of scars...My skin is smooth, no ice pick scars or anything, but i have these horrible red marks The ones i had from a while ago have really faded a lot, but i'm not willing to wait another year (or longer!) for the new red marks to fade...So i was wondering if maybe a glycolic acid peel would work well for me? I re