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  1. Hi Forest, Sorry for the late reply. . . I've been very busy. Well, I've been on Dan's Reg and so far it's been a bit better. Still too early to tell. I'll keep you posted. How have u been?? Makeda, Thanks for the advice. If it is a due to hormonal imbalance then shouldn't the pill help? What kind of problems are you referring to? My doctor only mentioned the possible side effects. I'm still considering whether I should take it or not. It will be "Plan B".
  2. Maya - sorry, didn't really mean to waste ppls time in repeating their answers. i'm quite new here . . . in fact, just joined this forum this week. i've been skimming through the 40 plus pages in this thread and some of the answers seem vague to me (e.g. do you dab the vinegar on your whole entire face or just the infected areas - did i miss this one?). as for the 1st question, typo . . . i meant 3 (remember reading this in one of the thread but my face turn all red). with all the success
  3. hollythedog - thanks for sharing that! just have a few questions: 1. do you use the toner after applying the BP? reason i'm asking is because i've tried that and my face stings. 2. which SPF do you recommend?
  4. Correct me if i'm wrong. after washing your face, you apply honey for 20 min and then apply diluted apple vinegar. Just a few questions 1. do you apply the vinegar to the scars area only or whole face. my face gets red after applying the vinegar which leads me to my next question . . . 2. how much do you dilute the apple vinegar? 1 to 1?
  5. thank frances - everytime i hear something new that has work on someone, it sheds light on the word "hope". btw, congratulations, glad to hear you've gotten rid of them. think i'm going to check out the website right away . . . .
  6. Forest & Mila, Thanks again for your valuable advice again. I'm actually new to this site. Posted my first message 3 days ago and gosh, I am really impressed at the support I'm receiving from both you. Am truely grateful. I have been off the pill for I think about a year now and the little buggers left me alone while I was on it ( i think for 2 years) AND 1 year after i was off. But I guess things at work started to change also and was really stressed out e.g. I was working a 15-hour w
  7. Hi Forest - i used to live in Toronto and went to Dr. Geller. Have u heard of him? I think he's quite good. In fact, he has a number of clinics all around TOronto. You should check him out. I'm sure u'll find him much better than the Toronto Acne Clinic! Good luck!
  8. I've heard mixed reviews about whether you should have facials if you have acne. Some say "no" because it can aggravate it further (esp the massaging part). Some say "yes" because you can "pop" and eliminate teh white stuff inside the zit properly and professionally. From personal experience, my pores seem smaller after a facial but overall you won't want to look at me cuz I have scabs all over my face. I look worse walking out then I did when I went in. My beautian assures me it's because sh
  9. Maya - Thank you very much for your honest opinion! I really appreciate it. O:)
  10. Many thanks for the link. BTW, would you happen to know where I can purchase a tub in Hong Kong?
  11. Does this cream as amazing as it advertises it to be . . . gets rid of acne and scars??? If so, can you tell me how I can purchase it in Hong Kong?