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  1. I've been doing my own kinda "heat mask". Don't get me wrong, I freakin HATE proactiv, but I like the proactiv sulfer mask. So, I put that mask all over my face, then get the blow dryer, place it on low eat then just slowly run that heat over my face for a little while. If feels really good, and my inflammation has gone down a lot.
  2. I did it for about 4 weeks then stopped. The cleanser is TOO harsh and felt like i was rubbing sandpaper on my face twice a day. Also the toner irritated me I think. I wouldnt waste the money, honestly.
  3. The aspirin face mask is the only mask I will ever use!
  4. I got excited when I saw this thread because about 4 days ago I decided to go vegetarian. I come from a very meaty family, so this is gonna be a real challenge for me. Oh yeah...did anybody notice any weight loss when becoming a vegetarian? I'd like to shed a few pounds
  5. I'm on Ortho Tri Lo and I didn't see any improvment until about 3 months. But I am in like my 5th month now and I can tell it really does help. Give it time.
  6. I have very oily skil and I've tried a numerous amount of cleansers. So far the very best one has been Dan Kern's Clear Skin Regimen CLeanser that I bought from this website!
  7. I have a loser doc who knows nothing about skin. anyways he perscribed me Keflex and 5% bp cream. Is this okay?
  8. i dont know, i just think i have a serious problem. its like, cutting is all i can think about now. how can i tell my family this, that i need help? they are religious and would think im a freak. i walked to the drugstore and bought a fresh pack of razor blades. god, whats wrong with me?
  9. the scars? - did you cut deeply? like a bad cut yes its really bad and super obvious. ive gotten stiches all up and down my arms.
  10. thank you. thanks everyone who gives me support. im kinda confused. kinda scared.
  11. no jaffa. i want to join the navy, but now i cant because they dont take people that self injure. even if youve been on antidepressants they wont take you. i thought i could be a strong enough person to handle the navy, but obviously im not.
  12. I had a break down and cut myself. Now i cant join the navy.
  13. This is a LIFERSAVER. Its just the best mask ever and I am always recommending it to people now. This afternoon I got home from school and washed my makeup off and my face was all red and ugly and stuff. A few hours later I did the asprin mask, and the redness was gone, and my face was all smooth. I put some fresh mineral makeup on afterwards and just felt REALLY happy..
  14. i wonder if thats true. if so it would be kinda cool i think.
  15. well...one of the reasons i enlisted was to get money for college actually. I cant afford the university i wanted to go to, and i just dont want to settle with going to a community college for 2 years. yes, i know it will be hard and a difficult challenge, but honestly, im not very happy with myself right now. this may help me to gain that respect for myself again. i mean, serving in the navy is an incredible acomplishment i think. i dont get any respect at home. im never happy. i just wanna be
  16. So I feel like I have no purpose in my life. Im depressed all of the time, I am struggling in school. I feel restless and traped. So my solution? Enlist in the navy. Thats right. I joined the navy.